Saban gushes about Texas A&M’s offense


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Nick Saban plays it close to the vest, and he usually doesn’t gush about any particular aspect of his opponents. Sure, the respect is always there, but Saban took it up a notch today on the SEC Teleconference when he called Texas A&M ‘one of the greatest offenses maybe in college football history’, via

“Texas A&M has an outstanding team, one of the best offensive teams probably in college football, maybe in this history of college football in terms of their quarterback’s ability to make plays and the great job of executing that they do,” Saban said. “They’re a very well-coached team.”

And how could you disagree with him?

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The Aggies are arguably college football’s top offense, led by college football’s most electrifying playmaker in Johnny Manziel. The Aggies are averaging 600 yards of offense and 58.5 points in two games, granted against Rice and Sam Houston State, but that’s what they’re supposed to do, right? Remember, Manziel has only played five quarters in two games.

Saban also talked about Manziel and his evolution from raw playmaker to Johnny Quarterback.

“Their team got more and more confident in his ability to effectively throw the ball, which he has just continued to improve in,” Saban said. “He has great athleticism. He’s a very instinctive guy. He does a really good job of executing their offense. He has a really good understanding of what they need to do and how to take what the defense gives.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard Saban gush over Johnny Manziel.

Which team faces the most pressure Saturday?

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  • I remember Saban speaking highly of Denard Robinson and Cam Newton as well. I’m sure he also had plenty of nice things to say about Tim Tebow and any other deserving opponent. It would be a bad move to criticize the opposition during the game week. Is Saban worried about facing Manziel? Of course. He’s the only reason why this game is attracting hype.

    • Manziel’s the only reason this game has hype? Really? Or could it also be that Texas A&M beat Alabama, the nat’l champion, last year in Tuscaloosa? Don’t forget that part..

      • You do realize that without Manziel, A&M doesn’t beat bama last year, right? Now yes, there are 11 guys on defense and on offense. I get that. But only a fool would say that Manziel isn’t the reason that A&M won that game. So yes, Manziel is pretty much the only reason this game has hype. A&M wouldn’t have a prayer at winning if he weren’t playing.

  • Manziel is a very special talent, but a prick. He IS A&M’s offense. I truly believe BAMA will shut his punk ass down this Saturday. The future for A&M in the SEC is my point tonight. As the little sister for UT Austin forever, at least since the Bear left for BAMA, how do they expect to compete, especially in the SEC West after the PUNK is gone. Sumlin is gonna be another Chizik without Scam Newton. Fortunately for him, some NFL team will pick him up and A&M will be in the bottom of the SEC for eternity. So, A&M and your 12th Man, whatever the Hell that means, enjoy this great roll while you. Good Luck to you Saturday, and “ROLL TIDE BABY”!


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