Saban says the no-huddle offense will continue to revolutionize football

NCAA Football: Alabama at LSU

Nick Saban has made statements in the past regarding the no huddle offense.

During the Nick Saban Radio Show on Saturday night, two days before the BCS Championship Game, he made a few more comments on the up tempo trend in football:

A fan asked if Alabama is going to join the tight end revolution started in the NFL by New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick, one of Saban’s close friends. Saban said he isn’t allowed to talk about recruits, “but we feel like we found one of those kind of players this year.” The tight end and the fullback usually draw the attention of the worst players on a defense, Saban said. “If you can have a mismatch at those two positions, or even one of those positions, it’s a tremendous advantage,” Saban said. But then he continued to say the no-huddle offense will continue to revolutionize football. He noted that in its 29-24 victory on Nov. 10 at Bryant-Denny Stadium, Texas A&M ran eight plays before Alabama’s defense could line up, and those snaps came less than eight seconds after the previous play ended. Eventually, Saban predicted, “There will be no huddle in football – no one will ever get in a huddle. Everybody will be playing fast, unless they do something to say that you’re not going to allow people to do that. When you do that, you take the defensive coaches completely out of the game.” By the way, Saban predicted that Notre Dame will try to play fast at times.

Saban has made it clear that he’s not a fan of the no-huddle because, frankly, it’s designed to battle what Saban tries to do.

After watching Clemson run 100+ snaps against LSU on New Year’s Eve and completely gas the LSU defensive front late in the game or Texas A&M do the same to teams like Oklahoma and Alabama, it’s not hard to see why the trend is growing.

Auburn fans will hope that Gus Malzahn will have similar success.

Either way, the fans win. The varying types of strategy and the different offenses approaches doing battle each Saturday is a treat for us fans.



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