Six SEC players eclipsed 1,000-yard rushing mark during the regular season


A 1,000-yard season is an extraordinary feat in the SEC, and we’ve seen some great runners eclipse that mark over the course of history.

Six from the SEC have in fact notched the mark thus far this regular season; seven surpassed the feat in 2012, and four did in 2011.

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Auburn’s Tre Mason finished as the SEC’s leading rusher, notching 1,317 yards and 18 touchdowns, and he became the Tigers’ most potent player down the stretch to help win the SEC West division.

  • Tre Mason, Auburn, 1,317 yards, 18 TDs, 5.56 YPC
  • Jeremy Hill, LSU, 1,185 yards, 14 TDs, 6.77 YPC
  • TJ Yeldon, Alabama, 1,163 yards, 13 TDs, 6.12 YC
  • Mike Davis, South Carolina, 1,134 yards, 11 TDs, 5.85 YPC
  • Rajion Neal, Tennessee, 1,124 yards, 12 TDs, 5.23 YPC
  • Alex Collins, Arkansas, 1,026 yards, 4 TDs, 5.4 YPC

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Should top the feat during SEC Championship or bowl season:

  • Henry Josey, Missouri, 951 yards, 13 TDs
  • Nick Marshall, Auburn, 922 yards, 10 TDs
  • Todd Gurley, Georgia, 903 yards, 10 TDs

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  • who among them has the highest average per carry? I have a feeling Mason’s attempts are way up there.

    • Good stuff. Added them. Actually was little bitter than I anticipated.

      • As I suspected, Hill is a beast :)

        • Yeah…you’d think he wouldn’t need to punch folks in the back of the head I he was such a beast. More like a B-tch.

      • Todd Gurley clocked in at 6.3 ypc, FWIW. He also missed three entire games (and was less than 100% for about two more) and only tallied 8 carries in two games where he was already averaging over 9 ypc. I wouldn’t trade for any of these guys over a Gurley at 100%. Just sayin’. :)

        • Agree 100%.

        • I honestly think if gurley was in all those games he would be close to 1200-1300 yards rushing and at least 500 yards receiving to be completely honest. Yes I am biased but I can also see that he just tore it up even not at 100%.

    • Murphy-Missouri who has been sharing carries with Josey and Hansborough is probably still the league leader in YPC.

  • And then there’s this…

    Involvement in the passing game. I get that we’re just looking at rushing yards here; however, the passing game matters and only one guy of the top six listed was integral in his team’s passing game: Mike Davis. With HBs, you really have to start looking at all-purpose yardage to get the big picture (especially as it pertains to their draft stock).

    REC YDS AVG LNG TD Todd Gurley: 30 344 11.5 73 5

    Tre Mason 10 113 11.3 34 0
    Jeremy Hill 18 181 10.1 30 0
    TJ Yeldon 18 160 8.9 23 0
    Mike Davis 32 342 10.7 38 0
    Rajion Neal 27 108 4.0 16 0
    Alex Collins 11 63 5.7 30 0

  • Tre Mason when it comes down to it he got it done when it counts. 18 TDs

  • Todd Gurley is still the best overall back he’s he the strongest runner tougher and has great speed and great vision and has a killer stiff arm!! he just happened to miss a few games due to an injury… Tre Mason just happens to be on a team that is only able to run the ball and that is all they do therefore would grant him the most touchdowns and yardage

  • Tre Mason is a man. Running all over the best defenses in the SEC the past 2 weeks. 18 TDs? 1300+ yards in the regular season? Ballgame.

    • Which defenses would those have been? Bama, maybe (still overrated). But Georgia? GEORGIA??? THAT was no defense; it was a wet paper sack.

      Todd Gurley as a FRESHMAN: 1385 yds, 6.2 ypc, 17 TDs, 117 rec yds….and during a year when the SEC was far tougher than it was this year. Tre is a junior. There’s no comparison here. A 100% healthy Gurley >>>> Tre Mason (and anyone else you want to throw in there).


    • Is he healthy? I want to agree with part of what you are saying. If you define ‘best’ as having some smash with your slippery, yes. But there are other types of effective rushers. I guess the effectiveness depends on what the defense can’t handle

      • The Power….the Speed….the Toughness…the Patience to hit the hole at just the right time….the pass catching…the ability to take over the game. All of this and he has the character and all if the intangibles as well. He is the best. Period.

        • Too bad he can’t stay healthy, he may be good but he ain’t very tough.

        • Not tough? Don’t talk about something you know nothing about….he had a high ankle sprain that never got back to even close to 100 percent and still dominated. Still Playing at that level while clearly in pain is the very definition of toughness.

        • Back him all you want but he’s been hurt and missed time his first 2 seasons in the sec. Until he can stay healthy only homer dawg fans will think he’s the “best”.

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