By the numbers: The SEC’s best players by position during the 2013 regular season


Here’s a breakdown of the top players during the 2013 regular season by category:

Photo Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports



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  • Okay Jon, this is what I want, I want you guys to put a list of top 5-10 players per position. You can combine stats, leadership, eye test, all that good stuff. Thats what I wanna ready. I want to see what you guys think.

    • Yeah. We’ll definitely rank players and players by position based on everything in the coming months for sure.

      • Excellent. I am way to biased to put a list like that together. But I am getting more appreciative of seeing talented players across the board. I live in buckeye land and it has forced me to view things a bit differently lol. And let me tell you what……everyone is so happy up here that there isnt an SEC team in the NCGame….they say they’re tired of the reign, but none of them actually want to play one.

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