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SEC’s five hardest hits of 2012

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I’m a sucker for big hits, and I know everyone who tunes into every Saturday Down South loves big hits, too. Every game, there’s a couple noteworthy, jaw-dropping hits that will make your tooth fillings rattle.

Five big hits stand out in my mind from the 2012 SEC football season:

5. UGA’s Christian Robinson ignites Tre Mason

4. Auburn’s Joshua Holsey destroys a would-be Arkansas tackler

3. Carolina’s DJ Swearinger de-cleated Clemson’s Andre Ellington

2. Alabama’s Quinton Dial blindsides Georgia’s Aaron Murray

1. Jadeveon Clowney wrecks the whole state of Michigan

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  1. Maybe a little bias here but trae elston’s hit against utep should be on here. He was suspended for the hit for helmet to helmet although it does appear his shoulder hit the reciever first. Regardless I do side with the notion we got to side more with caution after the terrible Tulane incident.

    And for those who haven’t seen it

  2. You’re basically forcing me to be a homer by #2 on here.

  3. Where is the Bama DT body-slam of the Mizzou player??? It was awesome

  4. Glad you called #2 what it was! Funny the Ole Miss player gets suspended for a hit that wasn’t as bad as Quinton Dial’s, but if you play for Bama you can get away with a lot more….

    • Come on Rick. It was a cheap shot but a legal one. There are huge differences. Truth be known every single hit could be the one to hurt someone or get a penalty on. I hate this head hit rule. It is subjective to the ref and they are human. There is no huge conspiracy for Bama or against every other team. It is just football with human interaction. Other than DIals hit, which other play(s) do you think is part of the conspiracy theory you have For Bamas reign? Tell us your “theory”.

      • Georgia got flagged in the game for putting a nice on McCarron. Should have been a flag for this one too. I’m sure all of you Bama fans forgot about Georgia already. We should have won that game. I hope to see you again in December, so we can finish the job.

        • Dude, no way I will forget the Georgia game. That was one of the most exciting games that I’ve watched in a looong time. It really was a shame that one of the teams had to lose. I also think you guys should have been in a BCS bowl. Maybe we’ll see you again in Atlanta this year. I hope so, because the sequel should be just as good.

  5. Wow … Won’t hear me or Murray crying about that Quinton Dial’s Cheapshot…but It Damn sure doesn’t deserve recognition on any list. There were dozens of good clean hits that deserved a spot more than that BS.

  6. How Is Ben Malena’s hit on Josh Evans (which broken bones & knocked him out of the game) not on this list?!

  7. Was going to link the Trae Elston hit, but see someone already has. What this beauty:

  8. #2 was illegal. Showcasing cheating is not cool.

    • Of all the hits on here…none of them were flagged. Swearinger’s was flagged because of a taunting penalty, not the hit. Didn’t the league review this hit and still deemed it wasn’t worth a suspension. Should have been flagged, but because it wasn’t, it’s fair game for a list like this…

  9. Now I know this wasn’t the biggest hit, but being a Texas tiger this hit was really sweet. How about Tharold Simon on Swope?

  10. There’s no way you can have an “SEC 5 hardest hits” list without including Commodore punter Carey Spear leveling the Volunteer returner:

  11. Maybe not as head-rattling as the others, but Vinnie Sunseri had a play during the 3rd quarter against Michigan back in Week 1.