SEC’s biggest defensive playmakers against SEC competition


I’m a numbers guy – always have been and always will be. Numbers don’t tell the whole story, but they tell a huge part of the story and how well certain players fared throughout the season.

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SDS has looked at SEC players stats for 2013, but in those stats were cream puff, non-conference schedules. Let’s take a look at how the SEC’s top defensive playmakers fared against SEC competition only.

Note: Statistical numbers do not include SEC Championship

1. Ramik Wilson, Georgia: 85 total, 10.63 per game
2. AJ Johnson, Tennessee: 81 total, 10.13 per game
2. Steven Jenkins, Texas A&M: 81 total, 10.13 per game
4. CJ Mosley, Alabama: 73 total, 9.13 per game
4. Alan Turner, Arkansas: 73 total, 9.13 per game

1. Michael Sam, Missouri: 7.5
2. Markus Golden, Missouri: 6.5
3. Kony Ealy, Missouri: 6
3. Dee Ford, Auburn: 6
3. Garrison Smith, Georgia: 6

Tackles For Loss
1. Markus Golden, Missouri: 11
1. Michael Sam, Missouri: 11
3. Dee Ford, Auburn: 10
4. Trey Flowers, Arkansas: 9.5
5. Kelcy Quarles, South Carolina: 9

1. Cody Prewitt, Ole Miss: 5
1. Nickoe Whitley, MSU: 5
3. Kenny Ladler, Vanderbilt: 4
4. Paris Head, Vanderbilt: 3
4. Taveze Calhoun, MSU: 3
4. Ryan Smith, Auburn: 3

Passes Defended
1. Andre Hal, Vanderbilt: 12
2. Vernon Hargreaves, Florida: 10
3. Cody Prewitt, Ole Miss: 9
3. Darreon Herring, Vanderbilt: 9
3. Jonathon Mincy, Auburn: 9

Forced Fumbles
1. Kenny Ladler, Vanderbilt: 5
2. Dante Fowler, Florida: 3
2. Mike Marry, Ole Miss: 3
2. Kony Ealy, Missouri: 3
5. Channing Ward, Ole Miss: 2
5. Josh Harvey-Clemons, Georgia: 2
5. Garrison Smith, Georgia: 2
5. Landon Collins, Alabama: 2
5. Denzel Devall, Alabama: 2
5. Darius Philon, Arkansas: 2
5. Nickoe Whitley, MSU: 2
5. Shane Ray, Missouri: 2

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  • I think Cody Prewitt had 6 INTs.

  • Mizzou’s DL was a pleasure to watch this season, lead by Sam, Ealy, Golden and Ray. This had to be one of the best in the country, pound for pound. Coach Kul is a master of producing NFL talent from our ranks. Justin Smith, Ziggy Hood, Aldon Smith, Sheldon Richardson all current starters. I knew he was great in the Big 12, but now it’s obvious by looking at these stats against SEC competition. Draft day will be interesting once again this year for the Tigers. Besides the SECCG, this DL was the most dominate DL I’ve EVER seen at Mizzou. It’s a pity to say good-bye to this unit. Can’t wait to see how they respond and finish the season against familiar OK State. I hope to see a strangle hold put on the Cowboy offense- SEC style.

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