SEC’s biggest five-star busts in last 10 years


We love talking about three-star players who excelled at the next level, but it’s also intriguing to see which players were the biggest busts from their recruiting classes, according to And yes, Nick Saban actually recruited two five-star players who didn’t pan out, but he has more than made up for it by developing three-stars like Marcell Dareus and Chance Warmack, too.

There are a couple players who are still playing, like Andre Debose, and it’s not fair to label them busts yet. But several are on their way rather quickly. And I’m strictly talking about college, not the NFL.

Florida leads the way with six five-star busts over the last 10 years, with Tennessee right on their heels.

Burton Scott, ATH, 2008 class
Tyler Love, OL, 2008 class

Mitch Mustain, QB, 2006 class
Darius Winston, CB, 2009 class

Tray Blackmon, LB, 2005 class

Dee Webb, DB, 2003 class
Torrey Davis, DT, 2007 class
James Wilson, OL, 2007 class
Will Hill, S, 2008 class
Matt Patchan, 2008 class
Gary Brown, DT, 2009 class

Paul Oliver, DB, 2003 class
Richard Samuel, RB, 2008 class
Branden Smith, DB/KR, 2009 class
Isaiah Crowell, RB, 2011 class

Xavier Carter, WR, 2004 class
Ryan Perrilloux, QB, 2005 class
Russell Shepard, WR, 2009 class
Chris Davenport, 2009 class

South Carolina
Demetris Summers, RB, 2003 class

Demetrice Morley, DB, 2005 class
Chris Donald, LB, 2007 class
Ben Martin, DE, 2007 class
Bryce Brown, RB, 2009 class
Janzen Jackson, DB, 2009 class

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  • Russell Sheperd would have thrived in Nick Saban’s “process”.

    • Totally correct..Shep was never put on the field and when he was he wasnt in the in the right coaching schemes..When they finally put him in the right position he did well..Same with Trindon Holiday..we totally didnt use him the correct way either..

  • No Honey Badger mention for LSU?

    • He was a four-star DB…and not even close to a bust.

    • HB definately wasnt a Bust he carried LSu to a 13-0 reg season and SEC Championship thats not a Bust…he got Busted.. but he was the most exciting player in CFB. I think they are referring to guys who came in as 5* guys who didnt perform well on the field or didnt live up to expectations…

  • I live in Arkansas and I was in the same grade as Mitch Mustain and every single day I had to hear about the legend. And while he WAS a legend in high school football he soon found out that Arkansas high school football isn’t that competitive.

    • Mustain was actually undefeated (8-0)as a starter at Arkansas before things went south with Nutt, Malzahn, Broyles, and his family. I don’t think anything near the truth has come out about what actually happened to make him and Malzahn leave. After he transfered to USC is when he went bust so I wouldn’t count him for Arkansas here.


    • Oliver is arguable. He never really broke out until his third season before being ruled ineligible. He was a serviceable player, but was he the elite player everyone though he would be? Sure, he had great athleticism and talent, but was he the player everyone though? I would argue it was more of a desire and motivational lacking.

  • not trying to be a jerk but Will Hill was not a bust and he currently starts for the New York Giants so you’re an idiot…

    • I’m ranking players on how they performed in college, not the NFL. Did Will Hill really live up to his five-star expectation at Florida? He was a good special teams player his first couple of years. But he didn’t play over Ahmad Black or Major Wright, and he split time with Matt Elam as a freshman. He was a part of winning teams, but did he have the impact everyone thought he would have? Ahmad Black was three times the player Hill ever was at Florida. That’s my argument.

      • Ive been reading saturday down south articles for a while now and have been very tempted to create a profile and get into the discussion but have previously decided against it because of the ignorant comments many leave on here. However after reading the previous comment I created an account simply to commend you on your professionalism when dealing with some of these folks who comment on your articles. I understand that much of college football is a matter of opinion and that fans are passionate about their teams but also that you put alot of time into writing these articles just for some ignorant person to get on here and call you an idiot. Keep it up good sir. Dont let these uneducated fools bring you down.

        • Thanks. It’s no big deal. It creates discussion, and we enjoy and welcome any and all comments.

      • Just for clarification that comment previously posted under this username was in fact NOT me but a degenerate who I let use my computer. I in fact do think Will Hill under performed at Florida and would appreciate it if you deleted the previous comment. Thank You.

    • Don’t think he got drafted either…I’m sure there are plenty of 5-star recruits that dream of playing in the Arena League though …right?

    • Will Hill underachieved at Florida every single season, and sadly, the only thing he’ll be remembered for is his Twitter account. I’m happy for Hill in New York, but he sure didn’t develop early enough for Florida to use him.

      • I agree Hill was still developing at Florida as compared to some kids, but not don’t think he lived up to the hype that comes with some of these guys. And about splitting time with Matt that’s not nessasary a bad thing Elam is a beast.

        • True. Elam is a beast. But a freshman Elam shouldn’t have seen the field with an experienced junior and stud athlete like Will Hill. Hill was a massive underachiever.

  • I hate it for Richard Samuel…he was moved from offense to defense…then back to offense only to back up two stud freshmen. I would not be surprised to see him landing some solid playing time on sundays though…the kid is a beast with the right attitude.

    • Yeah, I would hesitate to call Samuel a bust… It’s not his fault for getting jerked around by the coaching staff because of their recruiting issues the last few years and, therefore, falling behind in the depth chart at each position. The kid would have been a great ILB and I do hope he gets a chance to prove it somewhere on Sundays.

  • Sadly, if you’re Florida, you’re going to have five stars become busts. The toughest position over the last several years has been DT, not including Sharrif Floyd. Gary Brown, Torey Davis, John Brown…the list goes on.

  • What about Da’rick Rogers with his short stint at Tennessee…if Crowell from Georgia is on the list, Rogers should be too.

  • Of course Tennessee is scraping the bottom with players who never panned out. That’s the story of our recruiting and evaluation over the last several years that has been horrible. Meanwhile, Bama comes in our home state and pulls out Barrett Jones and Dont’a Hightower and they become two of the most decorated players in Bama history. It’s a shame you didn’t go back one more year because I think James Banks was a five-star bust in 2002.

  • Let me help you with Georgia’s since you got it wrong, except for one….

    Isaiah Crowell(you’re correct on that)
    Marquis “Mudcat” Elmore
    Brandon Milller

    I would not list the others you have as “busts”

  • Let me help you with Georgia’s since you got it wrong, except for one….

    Isaiah Crowell(you’re correct on that)
    Marquis “Mudcat” Elmore
    Brandon Miller

    I would not list the others you have as “busts”

  • Dee Webb? Thats a bit of a reach when using the “bust” label. He was first team All SEC in his last season, that and he had a 5 star gun collection.

  • Did Miss State, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Kentucky, Mizzou, and Vandy not have 5 star recruits in the last 10 years or just not have any that were busts?

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