Full lineup of 2013 SEC bowl games


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All the SEC bowl games are set, and the endless speculation and jockeying for team selections are now complete.

Here are the SEC bowl games ahead of tonight’s selection show:

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BCS National Championship Game: Auburn vs. FSU
Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Oklahoma
Capital One Bowl: South Carolina vs. Wisconsin
Outback Bowl: LSU vs. Iowa
Cotton Bowl: Missouri vs. Oklahoma State
Chick-fil-A Bowl: Texas A&M vs. Duke
Gator Bowl: Georgia vs. Nebraska
Music City Bowl: Ole Miss vs. Georgia Tech
Liberty Bowl: Mississippi State vs. Rice
Compass Bowl: Vanderbilt vs. Houston

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  • Nebraska again……didn’t they learn their lesson last year?

  • I really wanted Alabama to Play Ohio State so Urbie could get 2 rear kickings this year

  • Raise your hand if you’re happy with your bowl. Auburn yes. Bama No. SC no. LSU no. Mizzou maybe? A&M no. UGA no. Ole Miss no. MSU no. Vandy no. bowls suck again. Some may disagree, but I bet most wouldnt.

  • While I do wish that Alabama was playing in the BCS National Championship game, I must say that despite what some other Bama fans may say, I for one am pleased that Alabama will be playing against Oklahoma. Oklahoma is a great football program with lots of tradition so I have a lot of respect for Bob Stoops and his Sooners. I honestly can’t wait for this game. Roll Tide Roll!!!!

    • I was just saying that! This is going to be a slugfest!! It will be a great game!! Roll Tide!

    • Definitely, Oklahoma is a good football team, and they can get scrappy if they need to like we saw them do on Saturday, ruining the Big 12 win for Oklahoma State. Oklahoma State is a good program as well, that will be a great game to watch between them and Mizzou. With the exception of the Dr. Bo Passing Clinic in the Music City Bowl and Auburn getting bested by the best player in college football (because defense is clearly not a strong suit), it should be a pretty solid slate of SEC bowl games.

  • Mizzou against OK State? I think that has potencial for a good game… Funny we are playing a big 12 team… But hey, it beats staying home : )

    SEC! SEC! SEC!

  • Jon, what kind of record do you see the SEC putting up this bowl season? I say 8-2 or 9-1. Not real sure just yet

    • Probably 8-2 or 7-3. Always finishes narrower than most expect.

    • Most of these aren’t guaranteed wins, and that strange sense of entitlement we have all become comfortable with may be undone this bowl season. Auburn is not going to be favored, at all, against FSU. Before you say I’m hating on Auburn or give me the Auburn hasn’t been favored all year argument, Winston is the best player in the country, and FSU’s defense is stout. With the exception of one crazed Boston College team out for an upset win and with the best back in the country this season (Williams) carrying the weight of their offense, they didn’t give up more than 14 in any other game, including then top 10 opponents Miami and Clemson, and made Duke Johnson look foolish in that Miami game and he was easily one of the best backs in the country before he went down. Alabama will be well matched with Oklahoma, Stoops lives for bowl games and they’ve got a healthy arsenal to work with. Mizzou and OK State may end up looking just like the SEC championship, 100+ points on the board and the last in the endzone wins the game. Wisconsin will push hard and their big line will give Clowney fits at times. LSU and Georgia roll into bowl games with backup QBs, on top of already beat up and injury rattled depth charts. None of these bowl games are locks, by any stretch. I don’t think a 9-1 expectation even borders on realistic. If it is 6-4 and the SEC can finish over .500, I intend to take it, smile, and be ready for the argument regarding the fading dominance of the SEC to be thrown around all offseason. (Not that I will buy into it, I just expect it)

      • Wouldn’t expect Auburn to be favored against FSU. Haven’t put up the kind of points they have, and haven’t put up the defensive numbers FSU has. I like Auburn being under dogs. And I did forget about LSU and Georgia being banged up without starting qb’s. That could turn out to be huge. And if Bama plays their type of football, I don’t expect it to be close with Choklahoma.

      • If it ends at 9-1, the SEC haters will say “See! The SEC is not perfect!” Personally, the entire bowl situation is getting to be a bit laughable. With the beginning of a 4 team playoff next year, which will no doubt evolve into an eight team format a few years down the road, it should erase such classics as the “Pepperidge Farms IBM Weather Channel” bowls. I mean, come on man!

        • I disagree. I think the number of bowls has probably finally leveled out, but I don’t think they’re about to get rid of any bowls. Even the small pre-Christmas bowls make money for the respective teams & conferences. It’s also fun for the fanbase to watch their team once more during the holidays, and it’s good exposure on TV. No, the smaller bowls aren’t going anywhere. We may not care about the Gildan New Mexico Bowl on Dec. 21st, but I guarantee you someone does. Lastly, if it wasn’t lucrative, they wouldn’t play them.

  • I LOVE that Mizzou get to play that hung the Tiger flag upside down outside their stadium when we announced the move to the SEC and told us we couldn’t compete. Hope to blow them out of the state of Texas and pick up a few more recruits on our way.

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