SEC Bowl Projections: Week 14


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On SEC Championship week, the bowl projections have changed. Obviously, Alabama’s loss to Auburn had college football-wide implications. Also we’re not going to reveal our SEC Championship prediction with the bowl game projections, but I do think the loser will play in the Capital One Bowl ahead of South Carolina. But that could change based on the margin of victory and the fact that Carolina has the head-to-head over one of the two teams.

With the regular season officially in the books, here’s a look at updated bowl projections, with a crazy rivalry weekend wreaking havoc:

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Sugar Bowl: Auburn or Missouri vs. UCF
Orange Bowl (at large): Alabama vs. Clemson
Capital One Bowl: Auburn or Missouri vs. Wisconsin
Outback Bowl: South Carolina vs. Iowa
Cotton Bowl: LSU vs. Baylor
Chick-fil-A Bowl: Texas A&M vs. Duke
Gator Bowl: Vanderbilt vs. Michigan
Music City Bowl: Georgia vs. Boston College
Liberty Bowl: Ole Miss vs. Marshall
Compass Bowl: Mississippi State vs. Rutgers

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Officially out: Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky and Tennessee

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  • So here is my question, why do you think vandy gets the nod over UGA in the gator bowl?

    • I think those two will be flip-flopped

      • I agree, I don’t see the gator bowl passing up on a team that travels like UGA.

        • Well this is my thing, UGA is ranked in the BCS, as we all know, UGA will bring money to this bowl and that is what theyre going to want. I just dont see Vandy getting the nod over UGA.

    • Could go either way at this point. Ole Miss is also in the mix. Georgia has already played in Jacksonville once. Will fans travel there again? I have a feeling the SEC may step in and say something about Vanderbilt and have a hand in which bowl they go to. Just my opinion, and several things are up in the air for sure. Gator Bowl president already spoke out about Georgia. We’ll know more after Saturday.

      • Fair enough. And Im sure if UGA plays a decent team, the traveling wont be an issue. But we shall see!

        • A lot of things still up in the air, and this week will help clear some of those items. Good stuff.

      • What would the SEC step in and say? We want to send the team that doesn’t travel well, and has a worse conference record. Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if records go out the window and Ole Miss steals the Music City Bowl from Vandy purely for the economic impact they would bring as opposed to homers that wont have to spend money on hotels/eating etc. Who knows, but I really want a big formidable opponent and not a third ACC opponent, time will I guess.

        • They would probably say something about Vanderbilt having to stay in-state for the third year in a row, despite beating the team that got selected over them head-to-head. I understand that the Gator Bowl would prefer to have the large public institution with boatloads of alumni/fans over the much smaller private institution that is further away, but in terms of rewarding the players for a good season, it really sucks to think we may have to stay in-state yet again.

          Also interested to see if the Aaron Murray injury has any impact on the selection here.

      • Jon, I agree that Ole Miss could still go to the Music City Bowl. Ole Miss always travels really well and Nashville is like a second home for Ole Miss in a lot of ways. I read that the Music City Bowl representatives said that even though Ole Miss lost to MSU, their opinion of Ole Miss hasn’t changed and would still like to have Ole Miss. I would have loved to have seen Ole Miss play in the Gator Bowl against Michigan.

    • Does it matter? Its not as if either bowl is better than the other.

      And by the way, how do I get a G by my name?

      • You just click on your name and it will take you to a page where you can update your user profile. You will have the option to select your favorite team and then that logo will display from now on.

  • By the way, there is zero chance that Vandy gets the nod over UGA. Less than zero in fact.

  • I could see Vandy getting the nod over UGA to the Gator as they do have a head-to-head win over UGA. But Bowls are about $$$……so does it make sense that Vandy in the Music City is basically a home game and would guarantee butts in seat?. Jax and the Gator Bowl makes much more sense for UGA as Jax has a large (Largest Bulldog club is there) UGA fan base and another reason to visit the site of the WLOCP is always a treat IMO. But the most important reason the Dawgs will come to Jax is I am currently in Afghanistan and will be home in Jax for Xmas/New Years and a UGA Bowl game in my backyard would be perfect :-)

  • Great to be a Gamecock. Doesn’t matter who we play, we’re coming at them!

    • I mean this with all due respect to the USCe fans, but PLEASE, if you come down to Tampa for the Outback, BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF WHOEVER THIS TIME. I was at the game Jan 1 2009 against Iowa and cheered for my SEC bretheren and had to listen to the crappy midwest Iowa fans afterwards.

  • I think you can take Auburn and Alabama out of the mix here. Ohio State will lose to Mich State and Florida State will lose to Duke to make it an all SEC championship rematch. Book the plane ticket people, this is spot on!!!!

    • I’ve been wishing and hoping like you, but I think the only possible way Duke could beat a 29 point favorite Florida State would be for Winston to be cuffed and removed from the playing field. I think Duke will score on Florida State but will not be able to even get close to scoring enough. The magical end to this upcoming weekend would be a Florida State loss, a Ohio State loss, an Auburn win over Missouri, and an Oklahoma win over Oklahoma State, throwing in a Stanford loss to Arizona State. Then the championship game would pit Auburn against Alabama, with South Carolina getting an at-large BCS Bowl bid! Nice weekend, huh!

    • I think Ohio State could easily lose to Michigan State but I don’t see FSU losing to Duke. I just want Bama back in the NC the way God meant it to be.

  • Hey Jon. When are we going to get a “like” button.

  • I like the loser of the CCG to the Capital One. Is that something Slive will push for? I know it’s not automatic, but it seems reasonable as the next highest bowl.

  • I’d rather the Gamecocks not play in the Outback again. That bowl has kind of gotten old for many Carolina fans.

  • I keep reading and hearing that if Auburn this and Auburn that, if Auburn beats Mizzou why are they a better candidate for the NCG over Mizzou than if Mizzou beats Auburn? is only because they beat Alabama? So if Mizzou at #5 beats Auburn at #3 that’s not a quality win? Ohio State will lose to MSU so the SEC should represent for NCG with no questions asked. Mizzou, Alabama, and Auburn are all about the same on paper but I guess after the last play we will know but for god’s sake stop discounting Mizzou and Alabama’s talent to be where they are. I sometimes can’t stand commentary on TV who people follow the most, all 3 could represent or should be in the NCG……………

    • By the way almost forgot my prediction for the game, it will be a lower scoring game than predicted by most. Mizzou wins on the last play of the game 31 to 28 with no luck from Auburn in this one!

    • I agree and as much as I enjoy the current system (BCS), this is why college football needed to switch to the playoff system. Best of luck in the SEC Championship game. I know who I’m pulling for in this one. lol

  • Regardless of who wins the SEC Championship game this year, both schools have a better resume than Ohio State to play in the BCS National Championship game. The Missouri Tigers are only in their second year as members of the SEC and they have claimed the SEC East, defeated Georgia, Forida and, one of the highest rated quarterbacks in College Football history. Their only loss was against South Carolina at home and that gamw went into 2nd overtime. On the other hand, the Tigers of Auburn went from 3-9 last season to managing to beat what was the number 1 team in the nation prior to the Iron Bowl. Their only loss was agaist LSU and everyone knows just how difficult it is to defeat LSU when playing at Baton Rouge. I can see how either team deserves a shot at the BCS National Championship game compared to Ohio State and they honestly haven’t been that good this year as they have only manged to win by the skin of their teeth against other schools that would be lucky to get 7 points on the board against any SEC team and I can see why many people think they will loose their conference championship game. The only team that I don’t see budging is the Florida State Seminoles. I truly believe that this is their year and that they are the best team in the nation that has the best chance at dethrowning the SEC. This, or course, is assuming we haven’t already dethrowned ourselves.

  • Sugar Bowl – Mizzou or Auburn vs UCF, 30 point difference for either team are you kidding me……..

  • How does A&M get the nod over UGA in the Chick-fil-A since UGA has a better conference record and fits the formatted SEC no.5 vs. ACC no.2, makes much more sense geographically too.

    • There’s this guy named Johnny Manziel, who is probably playing his last college football game ever in his bowl this year. You may have heard of him. Any bowl (which is essentially just trying to make money) would pick him and his draw over a team that had a disappointing year (only because of high expectations, not because it was bad) that is missing roughly half of it’s starting offense.

      • Seriously? We have heard of him .. have you seen him play the last few games? Miss State was a few weeks ago and his last win and he wasn’t even that impressive in that game.

      • I know who manziel is and I also know how bad the rest of his team is. I also know how well Georgia fans travel and even though a&m fans also travel well that is a much longer trip. Don’t be mad because Georgia has a better conference record than you with half our starting offense out

  • I can’t help but feel the Outback Bowl is as sick of USC as some of us are with them, but a rematch with Iowa would be a nice redemption game.

    • The Capitol One bowl has the largest payout of any Non-BCS bowl. So assuming the SECCG game winner goes to the Sugar, does the loser fall past the Capitol One? If so, it’s probably the Outback or Cotton considering the Chick-Fil-A probably doesn’t want the team that was just there Dec 7th. Mizzou to the Cotton geographically makes sense as does TAMU. I could see USCe to the CFA but probably vs Duke.

  • The Gator Bowl would most definitely take Georgia over Vanderbilt without question

  • There’s almost as much back room wheeling and dealing in the bowl selection process as there is at a political convention. And sometimes it’s hard to understand the motivation of some of the bowl organizers. Ticket sales, TV ratings, local hotel, restaurant and bar business (often referred to as how well a certain team “travels,” and the individual preferences of sponsors and bowl management all play a part. Once the teams are picked, a rationale is given to the public… but often it bears no resemblance to the real reasons certain teams were selected.

  • I’m betting that the Dawgs go to the Gator Bowl. Does anyone have any advice on getting tix at below the face value?

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