SEC’s 14 burning questions for every team following the regular season


The SEC’s regular season is officially over, and obviously there are 14 burning questions that come along with it. The burning questions solely regarding the SEC Championship game will be asked later in the week.

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1. Alabama: Could Gus Malzahn’s offense be the single biggest factor that breaks up the dynasty in Tuscaloosa?

2. Arkansas: Can Bret Bielema turn Arkansas around in three years? Five years?

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3. Auburn: Can anyone stop Auburn’s rushing attack? Better yet, can Missouri stop Auburn’s destiny?

4. Florida: How many wins does Will Muschamp have to get to retain his job in 2014?

5. Georgia: Is Georgia settling for mediocrity by keeping Todd Grantham as defensive coordinator?

6. Kentucky: What’s the ceiling for Mark Stoops at Kentucky?

7. LSU: Will the NFL Draft wipe out LSU of SEC West contention again?

8. Mississippi State: Does Mississippi State have more momentum now than Ole Miss?

9. Missouri: MIZ made it to the SEC Championship, but why is nobody talking about them?

10. Ole Miss: Is Ole Miss’ regular season a success or failure?

11. South Carolina: Was this Steve Spurrier’s best opportunity to win an SEC Championship? Is it his last opportunity?

12. Tennessee: Can Butch Jones rebuild Tennessee into a national power? Will Tennessee ever be another national power?

13. Texas A&M: What happened to Texas A&M’s offense the last few weeks?

14. Vanderbilt: What jobs would James Franklin actually leave Vanderbilt for?

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  • 1. No; however, Tuscaloosa sure did learn a lot last week against Auburn
    2. Yes, but not to the level of Auburn. Related: Yes
    3. Yes and Yes. See answer to question 9
    4. He has to get bowl eligible +2 = 8 wins
    5. No, UGA defense will be ok next year with him as the DC. “the south shall rise again!”
    6. Hmmmm….middle of the road SEC East in 5 years…maybe.
    7. Possibly
    8. I wouldn’t say they have momentum…I actually think they’ll be even.
    9. Grandfathered SEC Bias…Because there are many who still fail to (or don’t want to) admit how good they really are. Don’t want to admit the stout defense that they have especially in stopping the run and lately, learning to stop the short pass situations (improving at least). This lack of notice should finally go away come Saturday around 4:30 central time (half of the SEC CG)
    10. They were over ranked early in the season and ended where they really should have been. That being the case I’d say they were successful.
    11. I think he could have the chance within 5 years; after that, I think he’ll call it quits before he gets the chance
    12. Nope…above mediocre? yes
    13. Their offense revolved around two players…the others were average. Stop the two who run the offense, and the threat is mitigated
    14. Depends on what opens up after the bowl season but definitely Not Washington (Pac-12).

  • With Grantham still at DC, Georgia fans would be thrilled to be up from piss poor this year to mediocre next year.

  • 1. I think it will contribute. The success they have had this year and the excitement associated with it will undoubtedly show up in recruiting. Is Bama gonna just disappear? No
    2. He can have them competing
    3. Not this year. Better win the TO Margin and stop the big play. and Yes…Mizzou is as capable as anyone.
    4. They hafta make a real run at the East crown..I will say 8-10 wins
    5. UGA is settling for less by keeping CMR. He’s just too damn stubborn. Ya gotta be able to see your weaknesses, take responsibility for your mistakes, and make the tough moves to address them. (Defense and Special Teams)
    6. Bowl eligible is a win
    7. No..but look out for MSU to contend
    8. Yes
    9. Good question
    10. So young and talented…and inconsistent…yes, failure
    11. Yeah the OBC has seen his best days
    12. hmmm…No and yes…eventually
    13. Johnny was forced to play QB
    14. UGA? haha eh

  • 1. No, Bama is to talented and well coached
    2. I would have to say yes, no team in the SEC will stay down for to long
    3. I don’t think anyone can stop Auburn’s rushing attack this year, but a few teams might be able to slow them down. Yes, but I don’t think it will happen.
    4. At least 7, but probably 8
    5. Yes, Georgia should be better on defense with the talent they have had over the past few years
    6. Probably a 6-6 or 7-5 would be the ceiling at Kentucky
    7. Hard to say, but it’s not going to help LSU. But I think we all know that LSU like Bama, stockpiles talent
    8. No, remember Ole Miss is a very young team and they are still recruiting really well, but it did help Mullen keep his job
    9. it could be that everyone is so surprised that Mizzou is having such a good year and what is happening at Auburn. I personally believe the season Mizzou is having is lighting in a bottle. I really don’t expect Mizzou to have this much success every year till they improve in recruiting.
    10. Both, it’s a success and failure. Ole Miss is an extremely young and talented team, but way to inconsistent. Ole Miss is still recruiting really well and will be a year older and have more depth. So next year if Ole Miss doesn’t contend for the SEC title, it will be viewed as a failure with everyone coming back.
    11. No, but it was one of his best chances to win the East. South Carolina should be one of the favorites to win the East next season with Florida in gutter, and Georgia and Mizzou replacing senior QB’s.
    12. I can’t see Tennessee being a national power anytime soon. They just have way to much ground to make up right now.
    13. Well I would say facing good defenses was the answer, but he has lit up good defenses before. So I think he is thinking about the NFL and isn’t worried about playing college football anymore.
    14. Not really sure, but I only see him leaving teams like A&M, USC, Florida. Jobs like that.

  • #9 because Missouri, Nebraska, aTm, and Colorado stood up to ESPN and the lowborn network deal which funneled 700 million dollars into the texas lowborns bank while the rest of the conference was getting 9 million x 10 years. And because Missouri complained when the Big 12 made a deal for Kansas as a BCS representative when Missouri was the rightful winner of that BCS berth. And because Missouri’s National Championship Game was stolen when Kansas imported a ringer from aTm two weeks before the game and yup they played him in the last game which got Kansas nothing but forfeits from the NCAA but the media voted Missouri out of the National Championship game just like Kansas had a legit win. So there’s no media record of Missouri in the NCG. And there’s no media record of Missouri knocking off #1 Colorado because the refs gave them 5 downs to score after Missouri completed a goal line stand and won that game. And there’s no media record of them beating then? #1 Nebraska because the refs allowed a Nebraska receiver to kick the ball to another receiver to reverse that Missouri win. Sounds like a fish story doesn’t it, well it’s not, Missouri is long overdue to be recognized for a some great seasons in football where somebody else was allowed to take the bow. Take a look at the attention given to the Alabama v Auburn decision (game has already been replayed dozens of times), vs the Missouri v aTm deciding contest. Old Missouri fans know our tradition and don’t need media approval but the rest of the nation is missing out on some really entertaining football coverage.

  • 1 Auburn had good years before Mal. and will have good years during, and after 2. Yes, Bret is a formula man and the formula requires the right athletes. 3. Depends on how you define stop, the winner of the game is not the team that stops the scoreboard from lighting up, it is the team that lights it up more than the other team. 4. Florida is in a tough spot, UCF and Florida State, and Miami, and more all on the rise. 5. don’t know 6. Coach Stoops has got to stop the cheap stuff and the talk and just be a patient coach. 7. it shouldn’t, in a season like this LSU depth chart should have gotten some playing experience. 8. see my other blog. 9. Ole Miss is a success it’s crazy for a team to win games in the best league in the nation and then have somebody use the word failure about them. 11. 99% of the football programs in the NCAA wish they could have him for just one more year. 12. i don’t know. 13. probably a great athlete beat up while trying to carry a good (not great) team on his back for a second year, but who knows maybe it’s a secret NFL draft deal. 14. Vandy and Franklin are like twin brother growing up together, it will be very hard to pull them apart, I admire this. I was too hard on Franklin last year because of the injury to Missouri quarterback in that game. Two seasons later I see a courageous coach and team, think the whole program was sick about the tragic crime, and I’m prayerful that the whole program stays strong and vital.

  • 1.No
    3.No, Probably not
    4. 8 or more
    5.Yes, he’s awful.
    6. 6-6 maybe 7-5
    7. Yes
    8. on the field yes, in recruiting no
    9. 1st good season in the SEC, not enough to get the attention of all the football powerhouses in this conference.
    10. neither, didn’t move forward but ole miss is young so definitely not a failure
    11. yes, he had a really good team and florida/georgia won’t be so banged up every year.
    12. yes and yes, historical powerhouses like Tennessee don’t stay down forever (look at bama in the 90’s)
    13. who knows
    14. Probably not anything less than a program with at least a shot of winning a national title in the near future, CJF is comfortable at vandy in my opinion.

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