SEC’s 14 burning questions for week three


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Week three’s schedule welcomes the most anticipated game for 2013, Alabama at Texas A&M. Here are 14 burning questions for the SEC in week three:

1. Alabama: Was it better for Alabama to have a bye week, or would it have been better to play an actual tune up game last Saturday?

2. Arkansas: Does Arkansas lose the Samford game last year?

3. Auburn: Is the Mississippi State game Auburn’s most important game this season?

4. Florida: How much will the bye week benefit Florida’s offense?

5. Georgia: How did Georgia lose to Clemson again?

6. Kentucky: Would a Kentucky upset against Louisville make it the year’s greatest upset?

7. LSU: Should LSU be the favorite in the SEC after two weeks?

8. Mississippi State: Is there a legit QB controversy between Tyler Russell and Dak Prescott?

9. Missouri: How good is 2-0 Missouri?

10. Ole Miss: Will Texas be an accurate measuring stick for the quarterback Bo Wallace is developing into?

11. South Carolina: Is Mike Davis the SEC’s second best running back behind Todd Gurley?

12. Tennessee: How good is Tennessee? Can they slow down Oregon?

13. Texas A&M: Is there more pressure on Texas A&M or Alabama Saturday?

14. Vanderbilt: Is this the week Vanderbilt upsets one of the SEC East’s powers?

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  • Mike Davis and Todd Gurley will be fun to watch battle all year for the title of best RB in the SEC. Both guys put up awesome stats last weekend and each showed that they are the workhorse of their respective offense.

    • Davis has certainly stepped up his game and is doing his best to make SCar fans forget about Lattimore (I know, ain’t happening soon).

  • I’m sorry but How in the world is LSU getting so much hype from destroying a team they are supposed to and having an average win against a team they should beat? UAB put up 17 points right? I actually could be wrong abut that but that’s what I thought. TCU put up 27? What happened to LSU’s trademark D

    • DM – Did you watch LSU or at all or you just glancing at the box scores? This is a different LSU team, one that is lead by a stronger offense. It’s not who they are beating, but rather, how they are doing it. They are impressive.

      • C’mon Jon! You’re telling me LSU put up big numbers on UAB but it’s how they did it? They’re supposed to put up 51! It would be alarming to me that UAB put up 17! Mettenberger does look like a new person, but is one tough defense going to buckle his knees? Oh well we’ll see who’s the real deal in a little over 2 weeks.

  • Answers: #1 the bye week will give Alabama an advantage. #2 possibly. #3 I think too much was expected of Auburn this year so every game is crucial. #4 it crtainly couldn’t hurt. #5 I don’t have an answer for this one. #6 yes; for Kentucky #7 it’s early yet but they certainly seem better than advertised. #8 there’s a complete identity controversy. #9 good? How about yes better, hopefully much better. #10

  • #10 yes. #11 No! Henry Josey would have incredible numbers this year if you didn’t have to share the ball with 12 other skill players and a running quarterback. #12 not good, gotta be better though. #13 yes #14 not likely. I don’t know if I would like more parity in the SEC or more dominance by the top teams.

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