Updating the SEC career head coaching records


With the 2013 regular season in the books, let’s update the head coaching records across the SEC.

Below is the coach’s overall record and his record while at his current job:

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Coach School Overall Record Record at Current Job
Gus Malzahn Auburn 21-4 (84%) 12-1 (92.3%)
Nick Saban Alabama 165-56-1 (74.7%) *74-14 (84.1%)
Mark Richt Georgia 126-44 (74.1%) 126-44 (74.1%)
Steve Spurrier S. Carolina 218-79-2 (73.4%) 76-39 (66.1%)
Les Miles LSU 122-45 (73.1%) 94-24 (79.7%)
Hugh Freeze Ole Miss 44-18 (71%) 14-11 (56%)
Kevin Sumlin Texas A&M 54-23 (70.1%) 19-6 (76%)
Bret Bielema Arkansas 71-33 (68.3%) 3-9 (25%)
Gary Pinkel Missouri 174-100-3 (63.5%) 101-63 (61.6%)
Butch Jones Tennessee 55-34 (61.8%) 5-7 (41.7%)
James Franklin Vanderbilt 23-15 (60.5%) 23-15 (60.5%)
Will Muschamp Florida 22-16 (57.9%) 22-16 (57.9%)
Dan Mullen Miss State 35-28 (55.6%) 35-28 (55.6%)
Mark Stoops Kentucky 2-10 (16.7%) 2-10 (16.7%)

*Doesn’t include 5 vacated wins in 2007 

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Few notes:

  • Gus Malzahn owns the best current winning percentage, winning 84 percent of his games with stops at Arkansas State and Auburn.
  • Nick Saban is right behind Malzahn in overall winning percentage, but he’s won 84 percent of his games while at Alabama. Think about that: Saban has lost just 14 games at Alabama, and six of those came in the first year.
  • James Franklin has a higher winning percentage at Vanderbilt than Will Muschamp does at Florida. Times are changing!
  • Gary Pinkel has the most wins of anyone on the list, and he tied Don Faurot for the most wins in Missouri history with 101.

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  • Interesting statistics, thanks! When you say “Gary Pinkel has the most wins of anyone on the list…”, I am confused. Spurrier has the most total wins of anone on the list, and Mark Richt has the most wins at the current university.

  • yeah…that math ain’t working there boys. wouldn’t even work at Auburn…..
    OBC is 198-66-1 ( at SEC schools UF and USCe )
    @ USCe 76-39

    Gary Pinkel 174-100
    @Mizzou 101-63

    Mark Richt is 126-44

    So, within the SEC head coaching records, it would be SOS, Mark Richt and then Pinkel

  • when you’re right you’re right. seldom as it may be.

  • i do love this fact though. for both schools where gary has been hc he holds the record for most career wins. toledo and mizzou.

    • Pinkel is a good coach! I like him. I kind of put Pinkel and Richt in the same mold. IIRC Mizzou interviewed Richt before he came to UGA, so someone in the Mizzou must hav ethought the same thing at some point…records are similar too.

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