Handing out Christmas presents to every SEC East team


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Merry Christmas from all of us at SDS!

Every SEC team needs something this Christmas, so let’s hand out a present to every SEC East team, shall we?

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Florida: An offensive game-breaker
Whether it’s a player already on the team, or whether it’s an incoming recruit like QB Will Grier, RB Dalvin Cook or WR Ermon Lane, Florida needs a game-breaker on offense. Specifically, an offensive game-breaker or game-changer could help ensure job security for Will Muschamp and his new OC.

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Georgia: A new defensive coordinator
Yeah, I know Todd Grantham is returning in 2014, but I feel like Georgia is settling by keeping him. A young defense bought him another year, but UGA struggled in 2012 with an NFL-filled defense and one of the best defenses – on paper – in college football. I like Grantham and think he’s a great person, but after all, you’re Georgia, and you deserve a top 10 defense. The Bulldogs’ offense is – again – going to be electric next season, and the defense only has to be better than average to win a division title. Is Grantham the coordinator to help lead Georgia to a title? I just think it will have to be someone else.

Kentucky: A quarterback
I love Kentucky’s offensive scheme and think it’s necessary for a team like the Wildcats to have a different style scheme that’s tougher to prepare for. Neil Brown’s throw-it-around style of play is conducive for points, but Kentucky needs a quarterback to run it. Next year, four will be in the mix for the starting job in returners Jalen Whitlow, Max Smith and Patrick Towles, while incoming freshman Drew Barker could be the guy anyway. Kentucky wants to throw it around 40 times per game, but the personnel, specifically at quarterback, just wasn’t there in 2013.

Missouri: Another Michael Sam
The former two-star turned All-American Michael Sam is a senior and graduating this year. Last year, Sheldon Richardson did all the damage in the front four. This year, Sam was the SEC’s Defensive Player of the Year in a league known for top defensive players. Sam racked up and SEC-leading 10.5 sacks and 18 tackles for loss. How does Missouri replace his production in 2014? Easy…they just need another Michael Sam.

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South Carolina: Tennessee mulligan
I wonder what irks Steve Spurrier more – a loss to Tennessee or Georgia? After all, we know he loves beating Georgia, but the loss to Tennessee killed Carolina’s championship hopes. Was this Spurrier’s best chance at winning an SEC Championship? The schedule was quite conducive for winning it, but he has a boatload of talent returning in 2014. The Tennessee game prohibited Carolina from finishing 11-1 and getting their shot at Auburn in the SEC Championship. All the Gamecocks want for Christmas is a Tennessee mulligan or a do-over.

Tennessee: Time machine
The reality of the program Butch Jones inherited started to set in midway through the season. The upset over the Gamecocks was nice, but it was a necessity to try to get to a bowl game. That didn’t happen, and the rebuilding job Jones has in front of him is daunting but not impossible. He’s off to a good start, but it’s going to take two to three years to rebuild the sleeping giant and fill it back up with talent once again. Tennessee just needs a time machine so they can fast forward a few years.

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Vanderbilt: A long-term gentlemen’s agreement with James Franklin
James Franklin has taken Vanderbilt to new heights no one thought was possible, and all Vandy needs is for Franklin to guarantee he will be in Nashville for the next 20 years. He could turn Vanderbilt into the Stanford of the East, and the Commodores would never have to worry about Franklin eyeing another job, ever. Just pay him a fat chunk of coin and bask in the championship glory.

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  • Well, Mizzou will get it’s wish. Remember the names Marcus Loud and Charles Harris at DE. Assuming Markus Golden stays (and Ealy leaves) for next year and Shane Ray who will be the starters, our string of NFL caliber DE’s will continue for the next few years.

    • BTW, Kony Ealy has another year of eligibility and has not announced whether he will go pro or not. If he projects to the first round, he probably will. We are assuming he will go pro and actually be drafted before Sam.

      • I think if Ealy were going we would know it by now. But yes Missouri defensive line was way more balanced than the media wanted to try to understand or articulate. Besides what Missouri really needs is quicker beefy 2nd tier defenders that can read and close gaps with sure tackles, NOT MORE D-LINEMEN

        • I think he’s gone Wolf. Some are projecting him as a No. 1 now and no way Pinkel would let him risk that. I just think he has too much class to take any of the spotlight off his team until after the Cotton Bowl.

        • I think Ealy is gone, too. We just don’t know it yet. Big season.

  • Actually UK will have 5 QB’s in the mix next spring. You forgot Reese Phillips who most think has a better chance grabbing the reigns than the rest. He was redshirted last year and still ended up number 2 on the depth chart by the end of the season. The thinking is the QB race will be between Phillips a RS freshman and Barker who graduated early this yr and will goes thru spring practice as well.

  • Now Florida has a new OC, but the biggest game changer they could hope for is a new head coach. Foley and Muschamp have set gator football back 10 years.

    • Meh, some though the Zooker set UF back pretty far. Then, Corch Erban Meyers and the Gata won the national championship a couple of years later. Lesson: the state of Florida has too much talent and, despite the resurgence of FSU, all UF needs is a good coach to come in and right the ship. They could be dominant again after a year or two under the right leadership,

    • Muschamp coached an 11-1 team in 2012. None of the cards went his way this season. Even if all his offensive starters stayed healthy, he had no QB worth fielding this season. Their saving grace was the stellar defense, and then injuries started to get the better of them as well. Muschamp needs a healthy team in 2014 and probably Will Grier to come in and take the starting QB job. If the defense stays as solid as they showed they could be, a new OC could change everything in Gainesville.

  • SDS, as a Georgia fan, if you gave us a new, competent DC, that would take care of Christmas for the next several years.

    • Grantham’s system just doesn’t work. He doesn’t know how to make adjustments. Richt is going to talk himself out of his own job if he keeps supporting Grantham for much longer. He can blame the youth of his defense all day, but he’s the one not coaching any depth.

      • Yeah, I don’t agree with Grantham’s stubbornness when it comes to substitution. I don’t know how much say he has in it, though, since Chris Wilson (D-line coach) seems be able to substitute as much as he likes. Either way, it seems our starters at LB and secondary are out there almost the entire time. It fails to create depth and wears down those guys in the games themselves, as well as by the end of the season.

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