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Photos: Meet the wives of the SEC East coaches

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We’re just 13 days away from SEC kickoff 2013. And before the season gets under way and your life is consumed, we can’t let the lovely women behind the head coaches simply go unnoticed.

Here’s a link to meet the wives of the SEC West coaches for 2013. But don’t forget the coaches wives of 2012 or the wives of 2011 either. However, the landscape has changed.

The SEC East welcomes two new wives for 2013, Mrs. Barb Jones and Mrs. Chantel Stoops.

They say behind every great man is a great woman. Coach Franklin once took that a little further.

Here are the first ladies of the SEC East:

Carol Muschamp, Florida


Will can recruit some talent as evidenced by his top classes year after year, but his best recruiting effort may have come off the field. Mrs. Muschamp would blend right in at any one of the Florida sororities, and I wonder how many times the Mrs. gets to see ‘Coach BOOM’ at home?

Katharyn Richt, Georgia

east featured

Classy and elegant are two words used to describe Mrs. Richt. She’s very visible and active in her man’s program, even when he talks a little trash. Georgia players say they almost heard Richt cuss at practice once. That could mean hell to pay at home. Think Richt will watch any film from his couch this year? Their adoption story is a great read.

Chantel Stoops, Kentucky


Chantel Stoops has to be happy to leave Tallahassee for Lexington, because the Florida state capital is almost unbearable. But she likes the fact that her husband is building a program with an Ohio accent, all the while looking like Mike Myers. Impressive feat. Welcome to the SEC, Mrs. Stoops.

Mr. Bachelor: Gary Pinkel, Missouri


Gary Pinkel is officially the only bachelor head coach in the SEC. Vickie was listed as his wife in the 2012 media guide, but not in 2013’s. So, we’ll just recognize Vickie for being the most recent Mrs. Pinkel. Ladies, it appears Gary Pinkel is available.

Jerri Spurrier, South Carolina


Mrs. Spurrier is the seasoned veteran of the SEC East coaches. She, along with every Spurrier fan ever, is so impressed by his fast-food swag and shirtless expeditions (here and here), especially when he chugs a Coors heavy. If Spurrier runs around shirtless and sockless at practice, can you imagine…I don’t even want to go there.

Barbara Jones, Tennessee


That’s a good looking family. Barb has a lot to live up to following her and her. During Jones’ introductory press conference, he explained to the media that he, like Tennessee’s third choice, was his wife’s third choice for a husband. She may not get to see Butch much, because he’s got a program to rebuild. I heard her favorite saying is, “Butch Please!”

Fumi Franklin, Vanderbilt


Mrs. Franklin stays out of the media spotlight, and she lets her man do his thing. And what his thing has become is the SEC’s most insane coach. He’ll do this, this and this; he’s insane, right? But we love him. What’s the over/under her man says #VanderBuild at home? Hope the girls are liking Nashville better, Coach.

Photo Credit: Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

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  1. Well, Bielema’s wife, Muschamp wins this hands down.

  2. Driskel and the Gators should get Muschamp’s wife to fix that anemic offense.

    • That same anemic offense that ran it up on your boys last year. I’d be embarrassed too. Oh…but you’re going to say it was special teams. Whatever.

  3. I’d agree with Muschamp’s wife being perhaps the hottest, but her smile may be a little Joker-esque. Spurrier’s wife looks like she is straining to hold onto something.

    • Yeah, Muschamp’s wife would make a good example of how not to go overboard on the capped teeth. It’s just too much.

    • You’re a Prick. You don’t know these Ladies. Don’t disrespect them. What do you mean Joker-esque? You’ll NEVER have a wife OR even a girlfriend that Beautiful. Are you jealous or just Stoopid?

  4. Jerri Spurrier, Va Va Voom!!!!

  5. Pinkel, the single guy, could timing be worse to have your marriage break up the year your university decides to move from a conference it’s been in for over a hundred years to a new one even tougher?

  6. I think the comments by people on this site are totally disrespectable to a group of beautiful women that love and support their husbands. I REALLY can’t believe what I’m reading!

    • First day on the Internet? Un-bunch your panties.

      • No it’s not my first night on the internet Dumbass. I just see NO reason to disrespect the wives of the Coaches. If you condone this you are a disrespectful Asswipe.

        • It’s all in good fun, Pauline. I knew Bama fans could be sensitive, but jeez. When someone says your team sucks, do you spend an hour whining about how that’s disrespectful to the team and the players because none of them ACTUALLY suck.

    • Leave it to a Bama fan to invent a new word “disrespectable” and BTW Muschamp’s wife is SMOKING!!!

  7. If there was a “good looking championship” the bowl game would be between Mrs.Bielema and Mrs. Muschamp. However, if the game goes into overtime and the bikini portion, Mrs. B wins by a touchdown!

  8. All three at the top are worth a second look. Head on a swivel like an…broke my neck.