SEC East implodes, Mizzou looks Atlanta bound


The early games started on Saturday with a round of targeting ejections: Cody Riggs on the first play for Florida, Kadetrix Marcus for South Caroilna and Ray Drew for Georgia (watch the play here). These ejections would foreshadow a massive week of upsets in the SEC East. All three of the “Big Three” would go on to lose.

Mizzou knocked off Florida at home by a score of 36-17.

Tennessee beat South Carolina on a last second field goal 23-21.

Vanderbilt knocked off Georgia 31-27 in Nashville.

The obvious winner of the day is the Missouri Tiger football team that, simply put, just keeps winning. Regardless of the injuries on the Georgia and Florida side, Mizzou just won at Vanderbilt, at Georgia and at home against Florida. That’s a hell of a stretch. Oh yeah, they did it with the freshman backup quarterback today in Maty Mauk.

Mauk didn’t overly impress, but what did impress is the balance and quality all around the Mizzou football team. The defense did their job, their run game is underrated, and their huge wide outs were tough for Florida’s world class secondary to cover.

Good for Gary Pinkel who entered the season maybe on shaky ground. Not so anymore as Mizzou is now 7-0 in their second season in the SEC.

Missouri now welcomes SEC East foes South Carolina and Tennessee to Columbia in the next two weeks. It’s hard to imagine that Missouri won’t be favored in both matchups. If they can get past the Gamecocks, it’s conceivable that Mizzou is undefeated going into the last game of the year where Texas A&M heads to Columbia. Wow!

Here’s an incredible stat: Missouri had 500 total yards to Florida’s 134 yards in today’s game.

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  • 36-71?!! is that a typo?

  • I think you are overlooking THE VOLS!

    • Definitely a great win for the Vols today. The Butch Jones turn-around has to start with wins just like today. He got that win today. I’m fascinated to see how he will continue. Good to see the crowd going crazy in Neyland.

  • Missouri was undefeated and ranked higher than Florida going into this game.. The spread was FL(-3). How is that an “upset”?

  • That’s what I’m talking about! Mizzou better look out when the Vols come into their house in a couple weeks.

    • I agree , we respect your football team great comeback for you this year, great game

    • I’m going to try to put this one more way, There is a reason why seniors and experienced athletes win a lot of games. If individuals and teams didn’t get a lot better with each game and each season, this wouldn’t be true. So anytime a writer or fan thinks they know what is going to happen based just on history, this is one of the logical flaws. And a whole lot of teams in the SEC/NCAA are getting better every week, not just Missouri or Tennessee. When I write team, I mean the first depth chart, the second depth chart, and the third depth chart of these teams. Congratulations to all the SEC teams that are pushing hard to make us have the best bowl record in the NCAA again in 2013/4

  • I’m not surprised at all. The SEC East was mediocre then became terrible due to all the injuries. Nice wins for Missouri and Tennessee, but trust me, Mizzou, you want nothing to do with Alabama in the Georgia Dome.

    • Now, now Sabanite…lets not go there…a lot of season left. And I don’t think a single Mizzou fan has been talking smack to the Tide. Personally I feel it would be an entertaining game between the two. Good luck the rest of the way.

      • I’m talking smack to the tide. I expect us to smack em right in the mouth. of all the SEC fans theirs are the worst and most disrespectful not only to Mizzou but to all the other SEC teams.

    • We are from Missouri….The Show Me State so please don’t tell us what we want or don’t want….Show Me. Talk is cheap !

    • Three weeks ago it was petty. Let Mizzou first get there and both can put up or shutup. Oh, wait your the only one talking.

  • Ok Kevin. are you a believer now in Mizzou? Did you see what they did against the #1 defense in the SEC with a “backup” QB? Come on my friend. ..give credit where credit us due…and please don’t forget to mention Michael Sam. MIZZOU!

    • Great win. Mizzou is a better and more complete football team than Florida. Because of the other pieces, Maty Mauk didn’t have to light it up. Those receivers are outstanding, the run game is good.

      • Thanks Kevin, Florida and Missouri both have praiseworthy accomplishments in 2013/4.
        I hope every Missouri fan will join me in a high five to the Gators for becoming the team that the media call the best defense in the NCAA up to week 8 in the NCAA. To keep the credit for this work every team has to build on strengths and weaknesses all 12-14 games.

  • BOOOOM! Mizzou keeps gettin better and better. 500 yards vs Florida Defense with a redshirt freshman. We must have one of the top defenses in the SEC…. Man are we athletic up front, not sure there is an offensive line that can stop us! Very fun football to watch. Overall, the TEAM looks solid and balanced. Not a lot of panic or imploding. SC will be another good test, Tenn will be tough too.

    By the way Sabanite, Alabama will be a trophy victory! We will give the Tide all they can handle, and do remember James Franklin might be back. Whoever stops Mizzou, will have to figure out how to block us, not turn the ball over, and simply outscore us. Again Pound for pound, Mizzou’s defensive front will destruct ANY offensive line in the SEC.

    • Mizzou all day, give Maty a few more games and Franklin may not be back:)

    • Easy there Missouri, you beat a second string Georgia team and a Florida team in a down year, I think you may be underestimating how good Bama is.

    • Missouri surprised me as well as probably everyone outside of the state of Missouri, but don’t get ahead of yourself. Missouri isn’t on the same level against Alabama. In the SECCG, on a neutral field with both teams healthy, Bama would be a 14 point favorite probably and I believe they would cover. Not to discredit what Missouri has done in any way but I’m just being real

  • South Carolina next. Keep doubting us ….we love it !!!

  • How long before the fair weather Georgia fans start calling for Mark Richt’s head in Athens?

    • As soon as Mark Richt does not fire Bobo and Grantham at the end of the season. In all reality though, the refs gave that game to Vanderbilt today. Horrid doesn’t even begin to describe. The targeting call that is a penalty except when it isn’t a penalty but still counts as a penalty has to be banished. I would not be surprised if that crew was suspended for what happened in Nashville today, truly unfortunate.

      It does look as though Bama will win another SEC championship. Well done Tide! The question is who will you play FSU or Oregon and does it matter?

      • you need to get rid of this “old guard” attitude of yours. there’s an uprising in the east and it looks like its spreading in the West. who has bama beat that Auburn didn’t beat. that Missouri hasn’t consistently beat except for last year when we were the wheelchair team?

  • Mizzou historically owns road/bowl victories over Alabama, S. Carolina, Georgia, USC, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Michigan, Nebraska….We know something about football tradition. Go, Mizzou!

  • hold up Kevin! I heard the podcast this week between you and Jon and Billy Boy. you guys should a total of three words about Missouri and spent less than 2 seconds on how they might win the east. and then it was all about South Carolina Georgia and Florida winning the east. hat’t’s the matter you can’t work out the math anymore how that would be possible? and as for you sabanite we want Alabama so bad we can taste it. too bad it looks like its going to be Auburn. War Eagle. I can’t believe that Kevin was impressed with Mauk. especially those first two passes. what WHAAAT? ! ? !. what a gunslinger. I hate gunslingers. but Jesus. well lets see Billy boys a man of his word. I expect true respect from you Billy. no left handed compliment, no half ass. and Florida fans what the hell. I would never suggest somebody else need to the coach but the one drive with you actually ran it down our throats and then the next time try something else. you definitely need somebody else running that offense. Tennessee looks scarier than South Carolina is the Tigers year. Mizzou and Auburn. but look for Tennessee the challenge next year for sure. and that’s a good thing. cuz I’m tired of the old guard. I’m tired of the same team to expect to win the SEC year in and year out. and everybody else jockeying for the middle. and the craziest thing I learned this week this after all the SEC fans convincing us that we didn’t have enough to depth. we may be the deepest team in the East. 10 greatWR, 3 great RB, 9 pretty good OL, 4 good DT, and 5 amazing DE. Kevin it would be nice for one of you guys to explain that podcast and why you summarily dismissed Missouri. nice to see you finally getting up the fence. you are off the fence now right?

    • I hope you’re right about the Auburn/Missouri SECCG. The injury bug has been in Missouri’s favor this year as opposed to last year. I’m not at all saying that’s why they are winning the East because that’s far from the truth. I’m saying they don’t have the misfortune of being a wheelchair team like Georgia. They caught me off guard this year though. I wasn’t paying Missouri any attention at all until they beat Georgia though, but congrats on the year just far and hope to see them play in Atlanta vs. Auburn

      • I wasn’t paying any attention to Auburn until I realized you have some pretty nice fans. plus I knew you got the coach you needed. I could see you knocking at the door but this week you just kicked the door in, sauntered up to the table. and told A&M they were in your seat. and I’ve been pulling for you for a few weeks now and I thought that was great. see you there!

  • hey Slive wtf? I I thought we seem to get hometown reffed in Nashville. definitely got hometown reffed in the first and third quarters at Athens but to get hometown reffed in our own hometown that’s bullshit!

  • every time I woke up last night I checked the SDS site for what was coming out and didn’t see anything until this morning. so how are you mofos posting 18 hours ago? hats off to Tennessee I knew you were going to get a signature win. I hope you got that out of your system until you play Alabama. also credit to Ole Miss, I thought you were overrated this year especially by Cooper. even though we got past Georgia and Florida it’s beginning to look like the toughest part of our schedule still ahead of us

  • Four wide Into turn three….three of ’em are spinning out of control. Mizzou is taking this checkered flag y’all !!!!

  • WOAH Kevin…

    While I like your motion, let’s wait and see what happens next week between Mizzou and South Carolina. Also, I’m super proud of the tigers and coaching staff.

    • Got my plane tickets from Charlotte. My seats , parking pass. Lets fire this mother up!! Three cheers for Maty. We knew he was a phenom but man what a calm demeanor. Great Wins Vols and Auburn!!! Awesome. Now correct me if I’m wrong but if this streak continues we have beaten EVERYONE in the east! No Excuses! Finish!

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