Breaking down the SEC East’s over/unders


We’re just seven weeks from the kick off of college football as we know it. Can you believe it? You better get your mind right.

Last month, 5Dimes released the over/under for the SEC, and let’s speculate on the SEC East, shall we?

Looking into the crystal ball, go!

Florida: 9.5

Pick: Under
Buzz: Too many questions surround the offense entering the season, and several top talents are gone on defense. The margin of error will be so slim once again. Nine wins is a safe bet.

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Georgia: 9.5

Pick: Over
Buzz: Yeah, I know this defense lost a ton of talent, but the offense can hang 50 on 90 percent of its opponents if necessary. And count me in the minority thinking this defense will be much better than advertised. There’s something to be said about a bunch of hungry youngsters.

South Carolina: 9.5

Pick: Over
Buzz: The Gamecocks have the easiest schedule of the East powers, and I think they slice right through it. Also, they could lose one to either Florida or Georgia and still win the East. This could be Steve Spurrier’s best team yet.

Vanderbilt: 7.5

Pick: Under
Buzz: The Commodores play a weak non-conference and favorable conference schedule, but getting past Ole Miss will be tougher than most think. If they beat Ole Miss, they will win at least eight games and hit the over. I guess you already know my pick for week one. Whoops.

Missouri: 5.5

Pick: Over
Buzz: Last year wasn’t an anomaly, but they are healthier this year and in a better state on offense. Sure, they’re not even close to being able to compete for the East, but I think they make a bowl game in 2013 for several different reasons. But will six wins be enough to keep Gary Pinkel employed?

Tennessee: 5.5

Pick: Under
Buzz: Butch Jones has a huge task of rebuilding a once-dominant program, and he has to do it with one of the toughest schedules in college football. Butch is the right man for the job, but it’s going to take time to get back to competing with Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. The Vandy game could be the deciding bout of whether or not the Vols make a bowl game.

Kentucky: 3.5

Pick: Over
Buzz: I feel some good vibrations coming from Lexington this year, but it’s still not going to be pretty. However, with an offense that should score points and a defensive-minded coach, I like the Cats to pull the over. I’ve bought into Blue – hook, line and sinker.

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  • UF: Under
    UGA: Under
    SC: Over
    Vandy: Under
    MIZ: Under
    UT: Over
    UK: Under

    • I pick the under on Missouri.

      I think this is Pinkel’s last year at MU. He’s just not a SEC coach. And he made too many mistakes for a veteran coach like him to make.

      Last year he thought the movie from the Big 12 to the SEC would be a simple one with a few bumps in the road. That’s why he kept his “Big 12 Spread” in the SEC even though he didn’t have the QB, offensive line or the running game for it to work. Even now he still doesn’t have the QB. In the SEC the spread only works if you have a athletic QB who can take the punishment the SEC defenses will give him. Think Tebow, Newton or Manziel.

      His first recruiting class as a SEC coach was a disaster. He had a year to get feelers out there in Florida, GA, Tenn and LA. He bombed. Compare and contrast that to Bret Bielema. Bearly four months into his gig with Arkansas, he stole two, four to five star players from the Miami Hurricanes. Before this year, the Razorbacks never recruited well in FL. Hell Pinkel is doing a poor job keeping instate talent. Stories coming out from St Louis and Kansas City is that many three to five star players aren’t even considering MU. Their looking at other SEC teams.

      If/when Pinkel gets fired it will be interesting to see who they get to replace him. If Arkansas is now MU’s arch rival then they set the standard. They showed the money to a B+ coach from a B+ program.

      If you don’t hear the names’ Rich Rodriguez, Jim Tressel, Chris Petersen or Bobby Petrino linked to MU then something is wrong. If they can’t get a big name coach, then at least a coordinator from a SEC school.

      If the next HC is some no name from the MAC or WAC or Confrence USA then MU is just happy to be in the SEC.

      • Let’s see what Mizzou can do this year with a healthy Oline and QB and a more favorable schedule. . If they fail, then a new coach will come in, if they succeed, the recruiting could improve. Bielema’s recruiting has been unimpressive if you compare him to other first year coaches Butch Jones or Mark Stoops. Even Pinkel’s class is currently rated higher the CBBs right now. Bielema also just tweeted about a current Mizzou verbal which i was kind of surprised by after his rant about Urban last year.

      • Missouri looked good against Georgia, Vanderbilt, and Florida. So I guess those coaching staffs have to be fired first since they have about twice the star-rated recruits? Or maybe star ratings don’t mean that much since Missouri has done well in the recent past beating South Carolina, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky in 2012 or the next previous meeting with NEVER greater than a top 25 recruiting class. The argument against your idea, however, is that you would hire a Petrino to replace a coach that has the best academic progress rate, near top bowl qualification record, and near top winning percentage in the past bout decade. Repeating opinions doesn’t make them facts. Easy money, but I would never consider betting on college sports, corruption is hard enough to control now.

  • In 2007 we were one win away from playing for national championship. with no 5 star players. and hardly any four star. Florida won in such ugly fashion last year surely they will be better. and Tennessee will get better but not this year. South Carolina may win the east but it will be with 2 losses. A&M was a fluke. and Ole Miss is a rollercoaster on the downside right now. And a healthy Mizzou whens 8. healthy being the key word

    • What I meant to say is Pinkel’s job is secure. and Bjohn345 is as bright as a black hole. but then again intelligence isn’t that prevalent in the Deep South. Did anyone see Noel Nerlens interview on ESPN before the NBA Draft. it went. like this. “I mean” “most defintely” “I mean”, and so on. typical of SEC players who can’t read or write. or what I refer to as” future felons”. Although as we get better we seem to get more those too.

      • Zoucat, don’t stoop to that level. We’re rid of trashy j-hawks. It is not fun or funny to have an antlers trashy fan group or read alike blog section. You made a great point, just call them on their trash with facts like you did, and they will make themselves look bad.

  • UF: Under (Too many questions on offense)
    UGA: Over (if they open well against Clemson and beat SC)
    SC: Under (I think they’ll inexplicably drop games at Ark and TN, in addition to losing to UGA)
    Vandy: Over (with a win over Ole Miss and possibly over loss-hungover Florida)
    MIZ: Under
    UT: Over (I think TN will eek out a win over SC and show up to beat Mizzou)
    UK: Under (Just too many things to fix)

    • better watch that replay of Missouri whippin Georgia 2012, it’s still available on Utube, because the 4th quarter could easily turn the other way this year.

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