SEC dishes out fines to four programs


The SEC handed out $60,000 worth of fines to four programs during the 2013 season. The four programs included Auburn, Missouri, Mississippi State and Ole Miss.

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Mississippi State and Ole Miss were hit the hardest, and each was fined $25,000. MSU was fined for violating the artificial noise policy with cowbells a second time, and Ole Miss was fined for the second straight year for rushing the field after their 27-24 win over LSU on October 19th.

Auburn and Missouri were each fined $5,000 for rushing the field. Auburn’s fine came in the Iron Bowl, and Missouri’s fine came against Texas A&M. Both teams punched their ticket to Atlanta and won the division on the same night on November 30th.

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“These were some of the most exciting and intriguing games of the college football season,” SEC commissioner Mike Slive said in a release. “We understand the exuberance of our fans in the celebration of their schools’ victories, but these incidents pose a significant risk of injury and we must always make the health and safety of our student-athletes and fans the top priority.”



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  • The fines are sure to make the programs clean up their acts! ;) #smh

  • $25k is chump change for pretty much anyone in the SEC. I’m not saying we want to pay it every single year but if we increase ticket prices by one dollar across the board we make roughly $60k in one game so, I guess what I’m saying is, don’t respect the bell ring like hell!!! GTHTSUN!!!!!

  • Well seeing as Ole Miss didn’t storm the field after LSU, I’d say that fine was absolute BS. I was there and not one person rushed the field the security guards stopped anyone that even thought about it

  • The league did the best they could do. And their public statement was honest and straightforward. At Missouri they lowered the goalposts so they couldn’t fall down on anyone. Once on the field the fans were excited but not dangerous in any way. Even the people in the stands stayed and watched for a long time. I personally enjoyed watching the people on the field and the fire works for 30 minutes after. Henry Josey’s break away with 4 minutes to go was one of the most unforgetable blocking jobs an offensive line ever executed. When Josey jumped over the tackle of the outside line backer coming in, it was magic.

  • I’d say it was definitely worth it

  • The fines for fans rushing the field are pointless. Are you going to try and tell me that Auburn University could have done ANYTHING to stop the fans after the way they won against Bama? They could have had an electrified, barb wire fence surrounding the field and fans would have stormed it anyway. Plus, $5,000? Really? What a joke.

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