SEC’s five best offensive plays of 2012


SDS is getting geared up for another action-packed SEC season in just about 100 days. August will be a welcomed sight to one of the longest offseasons in recent memory. We have coaches calling each other the devil, and many have Johnny Manziel fatigue.

We reviewed the SEC’s biggest hits by defenders in 2012, and I’m not only a sucker for big hits but for huge offensive plays, too. And there weren’t too many bigger plays than these five:

5. Ace Sanders’ slippery punt return against Missouri

4. AJ McCarron to TJ Yeldon

3. Cordarrelle Patterson houses it against NC State

2. Johnny Manziel’s Heisman moment against Bama

1. Jarvis Landry’s one-handed catch



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  • Hard to deny how good this list is, but how can Jones’ play be considered an offensive play? Seems a little absurd to put a defensive play and leave off one of the multiple amazing runs CP pulled off this year.

  • I disagree. AJ McCarron to TJ Yeldon was a pretty good toss, but not the best offensive play. I’d remove it, and put this play in its place: Chris Boyd’s catch for Vanderbilt against Tennessee (and the ESPN #1 play of the week):

    • That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking about too! Thanks for putting up the link! :)

    • Where does it say it WAS the best offensive play? Looks to me like it’s #4 on the list.

      Even then, there’s tons of Bama plays that would be ahead of a juggled ball catch for a touchdown. Yeldon’s 5 yard leap to the pylon against Mizzou? Eddie Lacy’s double-spin TD against Notre Dame? Cooper pulling in a TD with a UT player right on him in man coverage and getting tackled into the endzone by a free safety, or the one against Auburn where he caught the ball across the middle with three men on him and STILL breaking loose for a TD, or even him high-pointing catches over Bacarri Rambo.

      You’re comparing “best” to “luckiest”.

      • Lots of plays have a case, he was simply making a case for Vandy. Every team in the SEC has a least one play that could contend for a top five spot, not just Bama.

  • Wow…you would think with all of TG3s highlight runs and Murray’s NFL quality back shoulder throws there woulda been room for one of em on this list. But I know that there was prolly too many to choose from considering the amount of big plays we had right? Oh and there’s that need for Manziel and Bama to be on every list. Sanders’ play was the best and it wasn’t even on offense.

  • And then there’s this Malcolm Mitchell catch and run that have UF (prolly the best D in the nation) their only loss:

  • Hard to pick just five, and leave out prejudice. I’ll just leave this sweet little catch & run…….

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