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College football attendance may be down on a national level, but SEC attendance numbers are up for the 2013 regular season.

The SEC averaged 75,444 fans per game last year, and that number has increased to 76,193.

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Four teams averaged maximum or above maximum capacity in 2013: Texas A&M, South Carolina, Mississippi State and Georgia. Alabama, LSU, Florida and Ole Miss all averaged over 98 percent capacity.

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Rank Institution Accum. Att. Avg Att. Stadium Cap. % Cap. Games
1 Texas A&M 697,003 87,125 82,589 105.49 8
2 South Carolina 576,805 82,401 80,250 102.68 7
3 Mississippi St. 389,868 55,695 55,082 101.11 7
4 Georgia 556,476 92,746 92,746 100 6
5 Alabama 710,538 101,505 101,821 99.69 7
6 LSU 639,927 91,418 92,400 98.94 7
7 Florida 524,638 87,440 88,548 98.75 6
8 Ole Miss 415,750 59,393 60,580 98.04 7
9 Auburn 685,252 85,657 87,451 97.95 8
10 Arkansas* 338,618 67,724 72,000 94.06 5
11 Tennessee 669,087 95,584 102,459 93.29 7
12 Missouri** 444,532 63,505 68,349 92.91 7
13 Vanderbilt 249,728 35,675 40,330 88.46 7
14 Kentucky 416,303 59,472 67,606 87.97 7

* Denotes games played at Razorback Stadium and doesn’t take into account War Memorial Stadium attendance
** Faurot Field attendance numbers slightly skewed due to stadium renovations. Actual seating capacity with construction approx. 62,000 and actual stadium capacity approx. 67,000

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  • Wow…aTm and auburn had 8 home games? That must be nice. Still not real sure why we had to play at Auburn again this year. I know it has something to do with Mizzou but damn 7 & 7 seems fair to me

    • Dude, everybody in the SEC had to do a return trip to another SEC stadium. We had to go to Tuscaloosa for a 2nd straight year.

      • Dude…I don’t care about anybody else…Auburn played 8 home games…EIGHT! We only had 6. To me it woulda made sense to play in Athens.

        • Yeah, but you guys get a softer schedule nearly every year. A good example is your schedule next year….compare it to the other East teams…..

        • What is it with you cock fans and moaning about schedules? Last time I checked there wasn’t any real differences in the schedule …you’re moaning about opening up against an aTm without Mike and Johnny? And again …this has nothing to do with my post.

  • It’s going to suck for us next year though!

    • Auburn does get LSU, TAMU, and USC at home next year though!

      • I’m actually glad that we play at Jordan-Hare next season. I’ve been looking forward to seeing a game there for quite a while.

        • JH & Auburn is a lovely campus . That jerk that poisoned those ole oaks need some beauty removed from his existence!! Of course if we play there I must pull for my team!! But I do give props to Auburn,but it is a destination for sure!!

      • I’m actually glad that we play at Jordan-Hare next season. I’ve been wanting to go see a game there for quite a while.

  • IDK…… I look at all 14 teams and think to myself, nice azz conference regardless of games played @ home. Just my take.

  • The fact that the lowest was at almost 88% says a LOT about football in the SEC! Would like to see other conferences top to bottom. Bet they don’t compare!

  • I can’t wait for Ole Miss to bowl in the south end zone, it going to look good. When they finish, it will increase the stadiums capacity to around 70K. It still won’t be anywhere near the biggest stadium, but it will be well above average for stadiums around the country. Plus, by bowling in the stadium it should make it much louder.

  • Probably the worst 5-year stretch in Tennessee history and still among the highest in the country in attendance.


  • Mizzou numbers are off because of renovations to the stadium. Max capacity during renovation is 62,000. Average attendance was 63,505. That’s 102.4% — 3rd place. Soon the SEC will come to understand that Mizzou is just as much a “football school” as any other in the SEC. And our tradition is as long and established as any other (beginning in the 19th century). M – I – Z!

  • That crowd noise got into ole Tajh Boyd’s head . Plus Clowney,LMAO!! He tossed him around like a rag doll !!!

    • Williams-Brice can rock out some “sandstorm”! Averaging around 82-85,000 it’s the 2nd loudest stadium in the SEC!! Another case of the media in disbelief!!

      • Been a season ticket holder for some time and I have to say, during the first half of the Georgia game last year was the loudest I have ever heard. Now it didn’t hurt matters that the Gamecocks were thumping Georgia, but Willams-Brice was honking! I couldn’t hear the person beside me!

  • @ WranglerGamecocks – PLEASE PLEASE get off the tired bandwagon of being another USCE fan complaining about UGA’s schedule. Once again you guys beat the SEC East Champion and you are staying home from Atlanta!!! Win the games you need to win and quit complaining about everyone else’s schedule. It’s the SEC….everyone has a tough schedule. You didn’t hear any UGA fans saying “well we got LSU this year, no wonder we didn’t win the East”. That particular disease is the sole domain of Cock fans.

    • What’s your response to UGA fans complaining about having to play in Auburn two straight years, or are you ignoring that part of the conversation?

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