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Three from SEC included in best college bars

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If there’s anything that can add to a gameday atmosphere better than the actual stadium, it’s the pre- and post-game bar.

The Daily Meal ranked the top 25 college bars for 2013, and they had strict guidelines and a ranking structure. Be sure and check that out.

Three SEC town bars made the cut. South Carolina fans can double dip. They can head to Pavlov’s in Columbia and hit up the Knight Library at UCF in late September.

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Here are The Daily Meal’s top 25 bars:

1. The Boot – Tulane University – New Orleans, Louisiana
2. Knight Library – University of Central Florida – Orlando, Florida
3. The Wagon Wheel – University of Kansas – Lawrence, Kan.
4. Bullwinkle’s Saloon – Florida State University – Tallahassee, Florida
5. Bourbon Street – University of Georgia – Athens, Georgia
6. Kollege Klub – University of Wisconsin – Madison, Wis.
7. Brothers Bar & Grill – University of Iowa – Iowa City, Iowa
8. The TApp Room – Appalachian State University – Boone, N.C.
9. The Tombs – Georgetown University – Washington D.C.
10. Zuma Grill – Arizona State University – Tempe, Ariz.
11. Top of the Stairs – Virginia Tech – Blacksburg, Va.
12. Pavlov’s – University of South Carolina – Columbia, S.C.
13. The Dizzy Rooster – University of Texas – Austin, Texas
14. The C.I. – Ohio University – Athens, Ohio
15. Salty Dog Saloon – University of Florida – Gainesville, Fla.
16. Hemingway’s Cafe – University of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
17. Old Stone Jug – Colgate University – Hamilton, New York
18. Coupe’s – University of Virginia – Charlottesville, Virginia
19. The Sink – CU Boulder – Boulder, Colo.
20. Red Square Bar & Grill – University of Vermont – Burlington, Vt.
21. Indigo – Pennsylvania State University – State College, Pennsylvania
22. Timothy’s Bar & Grill – University of Dayton – Dayton, Ohio
23. He’s Not Here – University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, N.C.
24. Rick’s American Cafe – University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, Michigan
25. 901 Bar – University of Southern California – Los Angeles

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Comments 5

  1. I love Bourbon. But I’m a bit surprised it was the bar picked from Athens. I mean Boar’s Head, Whiskey Bent, and especially Magnolia’s and The Globe are what most people go to hear in Athens. Not to say I think Bourbon is a drop off, but I wouldn’t have pegged it as the bar from Athens to be picked for this list.

  2. Pavlov’s, really? I don’t know about that one. It’s not really that great of a bar… Just sayin’

  3. Bourbon Street? Really?