What’s your favorite SEC team’s home record the past five years?


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SEC football officially kicks off in a week, and one team – Ole Miss – will go on the road at Vanderbilt to kick off the conference schedule.

Playing on the road in the SEC is tough. It’s even tougher exiting with a win. Specifically, winning championships starts at home, and Alabama has proven that over the last five years. They’re 32-3 to lead the SEC, with LSU second at 31-5. Surprisingly, South Carolina has the SEC’s third best home record the last five years, going 30-5. That’s better than Florida and Georgia. The Cock Pit is loud and rowdy, and Steve Spurrier has defended his home turf well.

Tennessee’s 23-14 record has to improve under Butch Jones, and Neyland has been quiet the last few years.

Team 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 Total
Alabama 6-1 6-1 6-1 7-0 7-0 32-3 (.914)
LSU 7-1 6-0 7-0 6-1 5-3 31-5 (.861)
S. Carolina 7-0 6-1 6-1 6-1 5-2 30-5 (.857)
Florida 7-0 5-2 4-3 7-0 6-1 29-6 (.829)
Georgia 7-0 5-1 5-1 5-2 4-2 26-6 (.813)
Auburn 3-4 6-1 8-0 6-2 4-3 27-10 (.730)
Arkansas 3-5 7-0 6-1 6-1 4-3 26-10 (.722)
Tennessee 4-3 5-3 4-3 6-2 4-3 23-14 (.622)
Miss State 6-1 3-3 5-2 2-5 4-2 20-13 (.606)
Ole Miss 4-3 1-6 3-4 6-1 5-2 19-16 (.543)
Kentucky 2-5 4-3 5-2 3-4 4-3 18-17 (.514)
Vanderbilt 4-2 5-2 1-6 1-5 3-3 14-18 (.438)
*Missouri 3-4 *5-1 *6-0 *3-3 *5-1 22-9 (.710)
*Texas A&M 4-2 *4-3 *6-1 *5-2 *2-5 21-13 (.618)

* Reflect Big 12 records

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  • Wow…kinda crazy how UF, SCAR and UGA all went undefeated at home last year while Bama, LSU, and TAMU all dropped at least 1. Rise of the EAST????

    • Rise of the East? Get back to me next time Alabama loses a home game to an Eastern team. Alabama has lost one game period to an Eastern team in the last five seasons, FYI.

      • Awwww….did someone mention that your Precious Tide aren’t perfect? Lol You’ve won 2 national championships in a row and can’t get your heads out your own rear end long enough to see that an observation was simply a fact and you act like it was an opinion directly insulting your team. FYI it was a fact and the comment was only sarcastic because the west has been a bit stronger than the east in recent years. I guess its a lil blurry looking through a crystal ball.

        • You sspeak about sarcasm and try to belittle this person when your entire post is BS. How do you know what the other person meant. To me is was a direct slam on the 3 teams. Not that it matters because Bama did win it all. It is just another good stat for a team to boast about. Get your head out of your ass and let the person defend themself. Well, unless you are a psychic and know what everyone thinks. In that case tell me what I think about your post. Hint, not very nice.

      • Gamecocks beat Bama in Columbia in 2010 while Bama was #1. I was there. It was awesome.

        • It was a very good game. Of course I hate to see Bama lose but if they do it is cool to lose to a classy team.

      • Actually last year, the SEC record of East vs West was 28-28……

      • Two losses actually. Florida ’08, South Carolina ’10

      • Before you get all menstrual on us and start throwing out “facts,” maybe you should get them straight. Did you forget about South Carolina in 2010? And Florida in 2008?

      • and (just for the record) Georgia actually wasn’t undefeated as a home team last year. They were the home team in the SECCG.

        • Dave, really, the article is clearly talking about “HOME TURF”, the Georgia Dome is a neutral site for the championship game. Yeah its close to home but you and I both know he was not talking about “HOME TEAM”.

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