SEC football second half predictions


The SEC’s first half flew by, and soon we’ll be wondering where the greatest regular season in sports has gone.

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Who thought Alabama and Missouri would be the two undefeated teams at the halfway point? [Church mice.]

Kevin and I are going to throw out our predictions for the second half of the season. Here are my preseason predictions for the SEC East and the SEC West.

Let’s get it on…

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SEC East will finish:

1. South Carolina
2. Missouri
3. Georgia
4. Florida
5. Vanderbilt
6. Tennessee
7. Kentucky

SEC West will finish:

1. Alabama
2. LSU
3. Texas A&M
4. Auburn
5. Ole Miss
6. Mississippi State
7. Arkansas

SEC Championship prediction: Alabama 35, South Carolina 24

BCS National Championship: Alabama vs. Oregon

Player of the Year: Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M

Coach of the Year: Gus Malzahn

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The SEC East will finish:

1. Florida
2. South Carolina
3. Missouri
4. Georgia
5. Tennessee
6. Vanderbilt
7. Kentucky

The SEC West will finish:

1. Alabama
2. Texas A&M
3. LSU
4. Auburn
5. Ole Miss
6. Arkansas
7. Mississippi State

SEC Championship prediction: Alabama 27, Florida 10

BCS National Championship: Alabama vs. Florida State

Player of the Year: Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M

Coach of the Year: Gus Malzahn, Auburn

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    • We’ll see what happens. I ain’t skeered. I expect us to be able to beat Arkansas, Kentucky, and TSUN.

      • That would be a successful finish to a tough start, and it’s trending that direction for sure. Bowl game birth hinges on beating Ole Miss. Should set up for a great game.

      • TSUN? Are your fans so insecure that you can’t just say Ole Miss? It’s really kind of pathetic to engage in elementary, playground jabs.

        • TSUN… Blackbears,… Webels… what is the difference… your own administration can’t settle on an identity…

  • So lets say LSU upsets Alabama and beats A&M. What’s the odds of them making it the the BCS champion ship? I do believe LSU will likely win the SEC if their defense shows up like it did against Florida.

    • That’s still likely because college football is absolutely insane. Take last year for example, in 1 week Oregon and K-State both lost their games and they were the #1 and 2 teams.

    • Whoa, whoa haus….beat us first, then worry about Alabama. Other than 2008 (we blew y’all out) & 2011 (y’all blew us out), our games are generally decided by 7 points or less.

      • The last time LSU beat OM by more than 1 score at home was in 1994. OM LSU is a serious rivalry. Neither team can ever count that as a win

  • Jon, your an idiot. Have you looked at the Mizzou shedule or is it because they beat there high school teams and a very banged up Georgia that your on their band wagon? Picking them as number 2 in SEC is about as dumb as picking a very inconsistent south Carolina as number 1 in the east. Kevin has it about right and needs to be the one writing the articles. Florida has played its toughest schedule its gonna play and will try again expose an over rated Florida state.

  • Jon, I think you have it just about right. Only thing is what do you think it’ll probably look like when, not if, but when Mizzou beats both Florida and SC? I’m not stirring the pot am I?

  • I just vomited in my mouth. I’d like to grab my pitchfork and torch, but unfortunately, I cannot argue with UGA’s position in either prediction. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed, wish upon a falling star, and hope UGA somehow finds a defense for the second half of the season.

  • Looks about right from Jon, but unless Kevin knows something I don’t, I just can’t see Florida scoring enough points against Georgia or South Carolina to win. Here’s my predicted finish:
    East: SC, FL, MIZ, GA, TN, Vandy, UK
    West: LSU, AL, A&M, Auburn, Ole Miss, Miss ST., Arkansas

  • Florida isn’t winning the East. SoCo or Mizzou. Would love to see Mizzou do it but with Tank Frank out, it could prove too be difficult. Let’s see how Mauk does against Florida. He won’t play a tougher defense the rest of the way..

  • I feel an upset this week. Auburn will take down A & M. We will also beat Georgia. Probably still finish 3rd in west, but I will take 9-3. War Eagle!

    • You won’t beat UGA. Our defense is worst in SEC but in two weeks we get back a lot of those key players who got injured. Then we’ll just outscore you. Aaron Murray against Marshall? Dream on.

      • This is the same guy that believes frAUd will knock off Texas A&M. LOL

      • Ironic, you just said our defense is the worst in the SEC….yet you are going to do so well. Your terrible defense finally caught up with you and will cost you more games, including Auburn. Aaron Murray can only do so much and the Mizzou game showed that.

    • I feel you getting upset when you’re proved very very wrong. But that’s it as far as those teams and “upsets” go.

  • Mizzou without their starting QB will lose to UF, SC, Split with UT and Ole Miss and lose to aTm. That’s FOUR conference losses. @madgator, if UF can’t score enough to beat UGA how in the world do they finish ahead of UGA in the standings? Do you think UGA will lose to Vandy or Kentucky??? UGA will get Gurley and Bennett back by the Florida game and win out and take the east. Write it down.

  • The winner of GA/FL wins the east. UGA loses one conference game and they are cast offs? Gurley will be back before we know it, Bennet will return, and our offense will return to its usual potent production. The defense is a glaring weakness, like everyone loves to astutely point out, but they will only get better. This season and the next. We are down in Athens but it won’t take us long to stand back up.

    • Jon’s predictions don’t make much sense to me. He’s already picked Florida to beat Missouri this weekend; based on the position he has South Carolina finishing, we can assume he thinks Carolina will beat Missouri as well. Based on Florida’s position, he has them losing at least one other SEC game…presumably Georgia?

      In that case, assuming Georgia does trip up against Vandy, Auburn, or Kentucky, they would go to the SECCG. It would be Georgia with 1 SEC loss, Carolina with 1 SEC loss, and Missouri with at least 2. Georgia owns the tiebreaker over Carolina.

      I’m not saying that will happen, but based on predictions Jon has made elsewhere, his final standings don’t make sense.

      • Good stuff, Lauren. However, it can happen. South Carolina wins out and finishes 7-1 in conference. MIZ can finish 6-2 with a loss to SC and FL. Georgia beats Florida and loses to Auburn with MIZ having the H2H with the same record, and Florida finishes 5-3 with losses to LSU, UGA and SC. A shot in the dark sure, but it’s still possible, right?

        • If Georgia loses to Auburn, which they won’t! Come on Jon! We will have Gurley back by then and LSU had no trouble with them at all. Need I mention the auburn vs Miss. St. game? Georgia might lose to Florida, but definitely not Auburn.

        • @DawgMan – any team that can score points is going to give Georgia a dogfight. And that includes Auburn.

  • The SEC East is still a couple of upsets away from being decided. Florida and SC on the rail, but MO still in the mix — for now. And don’t rule out a three-way tie in the West if LSU beats Alabama then loses the following week to A&M. What would the tie-breaker be? Wouldn’t it be cool to see the two new teams — MO and A&M — play back to back games to end the season? But that could only happen if A&M is Missouri’s only loss, LSU beats Alabama, and A&M wins out… and wins the tie-breaker.

  • Tray Matthews. In 4 years you are gonna think of tray matthews the same way people thought about patrick peterson. Peterson will be HUGE in the UGA secondary

    • I was high on TM after watching film of him entering this season. But after this season, my money is definitely on JHC. What a beast! We have a bright future. Go dawgs.

  • I think you’re on to something Jon. or on something! if Mizzou loses the next two but beats a&m how does A&M finish second in the West? Kevin no wonder you’re losing the head to head battle. you definitely pick with heart.

  • Reminds me of the Casey Stengel quote: “Never make predictions, especially about the future.” Anything can happen and when it comes to the East everyone’s predictions to this point have proven useless. Georgia could end up on top or as low as four. Time will tell.

  • Arkansas will probably finish in last place in the West. Auburn is better than expected as is Missouri. What if Auburn beats Alabama?? Could we have Auburn vs Mizzou in the SECCG??

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