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2013 SEC football team schedule posters

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Flashy media guide covers and creative schedule posters have become a vital piece of the recruiting puzzle and fan buzz. Make sure you check out the media guide covers. 

Below are every SEC team’s schedule poster for 2013. Which do you like the best?



Auburn Tigers 2013 poster schedule











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Comments 20

  1. Did you notice that every team put their players on the poster except Auburn and Tennessee, who only put their coaches on the poster….hum. Whats up with that?

  2. Overall, I like them all. I can see why UT and AU wanted their coaches as the biggest aspect of the posters. They hope the coaches can be the catalyst that turns the programs around.

  3. I think I like Kentucky’s best, it or Vandy’s. They all look great, though. Adobe PhotoShop is a hell of a program, lol

  4. I dislike the posters that don’t name the players pictured. Unless they are ‘fake’ players for the photo shoot, put their @#$%^& names. ;)

  5. Why does the Georgia poster look like a bad photo taken in the middle of my living room with poor lighting? Is that carpet protruding from the top left corner?

  6. mds
    Commented : 8 months ago

    I like the Gator one because it shows how important the FANS are! The KY one looks pretty sleek too. But the Gator one by far is MY fav!

  7. Wow…hope our season turns out better than our schedule…I do better than that making my own. Not sure who’s is the best…but It’s a close competition for dead last between us and LSU. C’mon Man!

  8. 1.Vandy
    5. ARK
    The rest are garbage

  9. The Auburn tag line just makes me want coffee. Anyone else get that “I need a fresh cup of Joe to get my new day started” vibe?

  10. I like Mizzou, Kentucky, and vandy!