SEC head coaching salaries, post Sumlin, Malzahn and Freeze raises


College football just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Yesterday it was announced that Kevin Sumlin’s raise is good for $5 million per year. The only other $5 million coach in the SEC is Nick Saban. Sumlin was making $3.1 million, but after USC threw everything at Sumlin, including two kitchen sinks, the Aggies made him a $5 million man. To put that into perspective, Sumlin is 19-6 and 10-6 in SEC play over the last two years.

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Auburn’s Gus Malzahn also received a raise prior to the SEC Championship Game to $3.85 million per season, up from $2.3 million where he started the year. Ole Miss’ Hugh Freeze got bumped up to $3 million per year, up from $2 million per year as the SEC’s lowest paid coach over the last two years. Malzahn is 12-1 at Auburn, and Freeze is 14-11 and 6-10 in conference play in two years.

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The biggest question now becomes how much of a raise does Saban get at Alabama? It’s been rumored to be this much.

Head Coach School Salary
Nick Saban Alabama $5.3 million
Kevin Sumlin Texas A&M $5 million
Gus Malzahn Auburn $3.85 million
Les Miles LSU $3.7 million
Steve Spurrier South Carolina $3.5 million
Mark Richt Georgia $3.2 million
Hugh Freeze Ole Miss $3.0 million
James Franklin Vanderbilt $3.0 million*
Will Muschamp Florida $3.0 million
Bret Bielema Arkansas $2.95 million
Butch Jones Tennessee $2.9 million
Gary Pinkel Missouri $2.7 million
Dan Mullen Mississippi State $2.6 million
Mark Stoops Kentucky $2.2 million

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  • I don’t really buy into Sumlin yet. He’s ok, but not upper tier. He’s had some good fortune having QBs like Keenum and Manziel, but alot of guys could have success with those talents. This year was a major let down for A&M as they had plans on a championship and ended up losing 4 games. He also never managed to make adjustments during the season this year in order to improve the defense. That defense consistently gave up huge points to everyone they faced, and you have to wonder why he wasn’t able to correct the issues at any point this year. Now he has to live up to a big raise without Manziel.

  • I hadn’t heard that USC was after Sumlin. USC currently has a great coach in Steve Surrier. I also hadn’t heard that Spurrier was going anywhere anytime soon, so why would USC be interested in anyone at this time?

    • I was not University of South Carolina that was interested in Sumlin, it was the University of Southern California.

      • I’m pretty sure he knows that, he’s just being obtuse. Jerry, no one outside of South Carolina refers to the university there as USC. If you just HAVE to abbreviate, then use USCe. That is the accepted convention!

  • I’d say Hugh Freeze is either overpaid or Richt, Spurrier, and Miles are under paid as consistent 10 win coaches.

    • I have to disagree with Richt being underpaid. I think he is right where he needs to be. I think if he actually brought home SEC title wins and a NCG then he would be underpaid, but until he actually gets the Dawgs back up there…..hes good.

      • Oh I agree completely. I’m just going on the above scale that Freeze makes almost as much for mediocre results. I also think Sumlin is way overpaid for no results besi
        des a Heisman.

        • I can see the Freeze paycheck, he is bringing Ole Miss back from obscurity, Sumlin… I think thats more of an investment but a bit pre-mature but I think he couldve played the Trojans card and gotten that fat of a paycheck.

  • muschamp is making $3 million a year?

    so, here’s a question, if I have the team run up the middle twice in a row, throw the wildcat in every so often, and throw a pass 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage, then lose to a mid tier fcs school, and have the team not break the top 100 in offense for three years in a row, will they pay me $3 million a year too ?

  • You can change Saban’s salary to $7.5 million as he signed his new contract today.

  • Have to at least move Pinkel above Freeze, even if it’s my one dollar.

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