The Best of SEC Media Days: Day 3


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Birmingham, AL — Day three of SEC Media Days has come and gone, and Les Miles dropped dimes on the house in every single interview room.

LSU, Georgia, Alabama and Vanderbilt capped off an epic day in Birmingham, and the Tide fans dominated the lobby area. That’s what’s beautiful about SEC football.

Here is the best of media days, day three:

Les Miles and scheduling
Miles went on an epic rant about scheduling in the main ballroom and the radio room…and everywhere else. He maintains that there’s a scheduling advantage for some teams. LSU’s SID gave more information on the subject of Miles’ rant. Miles mentioned several times that LSU has played Florida and Georgia 17 times, the most of any SEC West team.

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Best Dressed: Jordan Matthews


Best Interview: AJ McCarron
By far, the most calm, collected and poised player interview was Alabama QB AJ McCarron. He dropped a few dimes – namely the entire theme of his presser in the radio meeting room was him distancing himself from the ‘all about me(s)’ in college football. Are you listening Johnny?

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Garrison Smith on Mark Richt: “I’ve seen him so mad once he almost cussed.”

Aaron Murray’s response to being on Jadeveon Clowney’s ‘scared’ list: “I wouldn’t call it scared. I’d call it ‘respect’ list.”

AJ McCarron: “Everybody is worried about themselves nowadays. I try to play for my team.”

Jordan Matthews on the toughest place he’s ever played: “Practice with Coach Franklin.”

Jordan Matthews on James Franklin possibly leaving: “He has the best job in the country. Why would he want to go anywhere else?”

Nick Saban on social media: “I’ve never been into social media. I spend the better time of my life trying to not let people know what I’m doing.”

James Franklin on his team’s biggest challenge: “Probably our biggest challenge is handling success.”

AJ McCarron: “When another QBs wins two national championships, he’s usually the greatest thing since sliced bread. I’m a game manager.”

McCarron: “I can’t go out & act a fool. I can’t go out & drink excessively. I can’t act like most 22 year olds.”

Saban on Miles schedule flap: “I coached at LSU. I played Florida every year too. If anyone understands it, I understand it.”

Saban: “In the world we live in, it’s impossible to schedule more than 10 games against quality opponents. Everybody wants more home games.”

Nick Saban on facing FCS teams: “If somebody wants to say the top 5 conferences play all their games vs each other, I’m all for that.”



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