Ranking the 2013 SEC media guide covers


It’s officially SEC media guide season, and there are some good ones – and boring ones – for 2013.

SEC’s official Media Guide:


Here are the 14 media guide covers, starting with the best cover – Arkansas:

















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  • I guess for all the bama haters, bama isn’t on top for once :p

  • I’m gonna have to say Tennessee has the best guide.

  • In the SEC we have the best collection of teams and athletes in every single sport, especially those that matter. Now I can safely say we have the best graphic designers as well because all of these media guides are jam up. It’s hard to pick my favorite but I really like Auburn’s, UT’s, and TSUN’s, of course I really like Mississippi State’s as well. Good job to all the people who worked hard putting these together, each school should really be proud of the effort and execution the people behind the scenes put forth to represent their schools. S-E-C!

  • Florida. It’s great.

    Not even an exclamation point. And it looks like one of the cheerleaders had her boyfriend make the cover as they were heading out for the night to get some Redbull shooters.

  • UT and UF’s guides scream “We have nobody we’re really proud of!” At least UT put a damn football player on theirs. Gainesville is the home of lameness. Gator chomp, lame. We Are the Boys, lame. This is…the Swamp, lame. Now, “It’s great to be a Florida Gator” on their media guide. Funny how Gators aren’t yelling about how great it is to be a Florida Gator after they get their arse whooped.

    Yes, barking is much cooler :)

  • As an Auburn fan….I still have to say Tennessee has the best. Florida’s just needs Tony the Tiger to round it out.

  • Nkemdiche is the best with the shark, and Freeze looks so intimating

  • I think the top two would be Bama and Tennessee, with Vandy third. Bottom two are definitely Ole Miss and Kentucky. Auburn and LSU are also mehh.

  • The Tennessee Vols . That cover just looks like we are going to Butch Slap some teams this year!

  • I don’t see much difference in any of them. they all look rather generic. however, even know the true gentleman on the Alabama cover may graduate I would venture a guess that neither can read or write.

    • I’m sure you can get a quality education at any of the 14 schools in the SEC. However, your comment is ignorant and pretty offensive to the student athletes of a school that has consistently ranked in the top 50 public instutions per U.S. News and World Reports. Also, Alabama had the most All-USA College Academic Team members 7 out of the last 10 years. Bama’s GSR was 3rd in the SEC and the football team last year set a conference record for players named to acedemic honor roll.

  • Hey…don’t worry about the media guides..what is ranking of locker room signs? I found this one to be the best in the nation…what yah think?

    ND: Play like ALABAMA Today !

    (see full graphic) dehinva@gmail.com

  • By far, SC has the worst. You have “the Hit” to work with and you use a portrait style photo with Spurrier holding the football front an center? Auburn is a close 2nd worst. Other than that, all very blah-generic.

  • They all look the same, except Missouri’s, Florida’s, and Tennessee. So I vote for Missouri because they make an attempt to show a large part of the team without the boring seated-in-the-stadium layout, 2nd place Florida because they clearly show the fans seated in the stadium as important, 3rd to one of the many coach and captain designs Vanderbilt for the portrait look. I don’t like the coach as big subject on the cover.

  • A few comments about the covers that stood out….the Missouri cover looks like all the players are trapped at the bottom of a well and everyone screaming for someone to save them…could be appropriate after the way this team played last year. The LSU cover, with only two players on the cover is an example of how many players they lost last year….I actually thought the Ole Miss cover was pretty cool with the players shown in a V shape with the coach in the center…I’m sure the V was for “victory”……I would have probably picked the Vanderbilt cover had Coach Franklin been added…let’s face it, that coach has done some miracle work at Vandy. The Tennessee cover just showing an empty football helmet is probably the most accurate cover of all the teams, as the Volunteers don’t have any standout players to speak of…….my favorite is probably the South Carolina Gamecocks….although their official team poster this year was very close to the cover, except they included quarterback Dylan Thompson’s photo on the team poster, which they should have on the media cover as well….because Thompson is going to be the driving force behind the Gamecocks championship run this season…..yes, you heard it right here, the South Carolina Gamecocks will win the SEC Championship game and the National Championship game! Go Gamecocks!

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