SEC Network reportedly has plans for its own ‘game-day’ show, has three hosts in mind including Tebow


According to the’s sources, the SEC Network debuting next August is set to have a ‘College GameDay’-type show on Saturday mornings. And ESPN has targeted Rece Davis (Alabama graduate), Paul Finebaum and, wait for it, Tim Tebow as three hosts for the show while they search for another former SEC athlete to fill the fourth void.

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Here’s a snippet from the report:

ESPN’s SEC Network, which debuts on August 21, 2014, is planning its own version of ‘College Gameday’ and has settled on three names: Rece Davis (an Alabama grad) would be the host, the voice of the South Paul Finebaum would play the role of Lee Corso, and Tebow would be the show’s Kirk Herbstreit. A source says ESPN is currently searching for another former SEC athlete to fill the final spot.

Tebow is said to be in negotiations with the SEC Network, Fox Sports and CBS Sports, and each are essentially willing to revolve or change current shows around the former Heisman-winning quarterback.

Will you still watch ESPN’s College GameDay, or would you watch SEC’s GameDay?

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  • It needs a former coach. How about Jackie Sherrill!!!

  • I get using former players for 2 spots me as a fan would like 2 coaches also!

  • I hear Nick Saban is leaving Alabama to fill the 4th spot….WDE

  • Awful. Have any of you ever listened to Tebow speak? He sounds like a toddler. If you have not heard him, go search him on Youtube. He is worse than many of the illiterate callers on Finebaum’s show. Outside of the fact that this show will focus on SEC football and allow us not to have to hear commentary on other minor league football games and stories throughout the country, this show will be terrible.

    • Well then how about just turning on the longhorn network and shutting up

      • If you’re trying to make a comparison to the Longhorn network (because I live in TX) and the Finebaum callers that is great, but the Longhorn network has nothing to do with the comment or story. Maybe their lack of basic reading and comprehension skills do compare, who knows, but who really cares? Just because someone lives somewhere doesn’t mean they listen, watch or are interested in the local programming. Does a knock at Tebow hit a nerve with you? You were the one who jumped wagons and changed their team logo once FL’s season started to go downhill, right? I know Tebow is a sensitive subject for some FL fans, but I never said anything about his football accomplishments. That is not debatable, the guy has done nothing but win (be it in the NCAA or NFL). He does, however, sound like a toddler and that is also not debatable.

        • Wrong. I haven’t been on here that long. I had family that was and they are huge florida fans. I am a student at auburn though. So that would be why I have the AU logo. I pull for florida, but if they were to play AU, im pulling for AU. And for one, he doesn’t sound like a toddler. For two, regardless of who else they hire, anything is going to sound better than a Lou Holtz or Verne Lundquist

        • I’m done going back and forth. Copy and paste the link below and watch for a good laugh.

        • Haha. What a loser. I know you are the person that switched the team logo, I remember thinking it was pretty funny when it happened. Unless there is another person that goes by wes10jones, a simple yahoo search of the handle brings up a Twitter page that shows a page littered with Tebow and FL pictures. So while you may be an AU student, you are also a FL homer (much more than pulling for them). No reason to lie about it.

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