SEC Network’s new show ‘SEC Nation’ announces first two locations for 2014


Earlier this week, The Big Lead reported the SEC Network, coming in August 2014, will have its game-day show. The report was confirmed at SEC Championship media day, and the new show is called ‘SEC Nation’.

It will be a two-hour live road show every Saturday on campus from 10:00 AM until 12:00 PM. ESPN host Joe Tessitore will host the show every Saturday.

The first two dates have already been announced. It will open up in Columbia, South Carolina, for the Gamecocks’ game against the Texas A&M Aggies on August 28th, and it will move to Auburn on August 30th for the Tigers’ game against the Arkansas Razorbacks.

The Big Lead reported that Paul Finebaum would be on the new show. Tim Tebow is also said to be in contract negotiations with the SEC Network, Fox Sports and CBS Sports.



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  • So what happens to ESPN Gameday in the SEC big games? Is there a battle brewing or have they already worked that out based on that BIG ESPN contract that was signed by the SEC a few years back. As of now I would perfer to have ESPN gameday.

  • I’m just not sure it will catch the traction they are expecting. ESPN CGD has a cult like following and for the time being if I had to choose a pre-game show to watch, I would go with CGD. Will the SEC Nation talk just SEC football for 2 hours or will they talk other teams/conferences?

  • I don’t know how Tim Tebow will go over. I’m not a fan that’s for sure. but he is a really nice guy and that should help. however he does speak with a nasally sound and that will get old

  • PLEASE no Paul Finebaum!!!! He is such a huge Bama homer……he will work into every other sentence how great Bama is and they will win every game even when discussing any other SEC game.

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