Recapping a record-setting year for the SEC in the NFL Draft


There’s a great chance you heard the SEC chants all the way into your living room this weekend with the NFL Draft. The SEC purely dominated April’s football event, scoring a NFL Draft record 63 total picks in seven rounds. In fact, the SEC made up 25 percent of the total picks. That’s dominance like no conference has ever shown before.

The SEC had 32 more picks than the second highest league – the ACC. In fact, the SEC East had more collective picks as a division than any other conference in the country.

Conference 2013 Picks
SEC East 32
SEC West 31
ACC 31
Pac-12 28
Big 12 22
Big Ten 22
Big East 18
Mountain West 7
Sun Belt 4

Do you think the gap is getting any narrower? It’s been wide and extending for last seven years, and, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s now reaching epic proportions.

Alabama and LSU had the SEC’s most picks with nine, followed by Florida and Georgia. Combine those four teams alone, and it makes more picks than any other conference.

Team Picks
Alabama 9
Georgia 8
Florida 8
South Carolina 7
Texas A&M 5
Tennessee 4
Arkansas 4
Mississippi State 3
Vanderbilt 2
Missouri 2
Kentucky 1
Auburn 1
Ole Miss 0

LSU set a record for six defensive players selected in the first three rounds, including Tyrann Mathieu in the third, and ended up with nine draftees total.

Photo Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports



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