10 interesting SEC facts about the NFL Draft


Tonight in Radio City Music Hall, dreams will come true by shaking Roger Goodells’ hand, and we’ll witness several former SEC players making that money.

With some help of this incredible SEC-NFL Draft study, here are 10 interesting facts about the SEC in the NFL Draft over the last decade:

1. Dawgs on top: Georgia has had the most players drafted since 2003 with 57, with LSU right on their heels with 56. You can see the full list here, but other notables are Florida (46) and Alabama (45). Ironically, Georgia is the only team to not win a national championship during that time, and they’ve had the most ‘talent’.

2. There have been 401 total picks from the SEC over the last 10 years. By comparison, the SEC leads the Big Ten (339), Big 12 (291), Pac-12 (305) and the ACC (323).

Here are the SEC selections broken down by round:

  • 1st round: 75
  • 2nd round: 50
  • 3rd round: 56
  • 4th round: 54
  • 5th round: 52
  • 6th round: 41
  • 7th round: 73

3. How do teams that draft SEC players fare in the NFL? The top three teams to draft former SEC players are the Atlanta Falcons (22), Cincinnati Bengals (22) and the New England Patriots (19). In contrast, the two teams who have drafted the least amount of SEC players have been the New York Jets (7) and the Detroit Lions (5). That sounds about right.

4. Which positions are NFL decision makers drafting from the SEC the most? You guessed it – defensive linemen. Over the last decade, 20 percent of the total defensive line draftees have hailed from the SEC. After all, the SEC is known for its trench play, right?

Of the total players drafted over the last ten years, here’s a breakdown of the percentage of former SEC draftees at each position:

DL: 20%
RB: 18.8%
S: 15.6%
LB: 15.2%
CB: 15.2%
WR: 14.8%
K: 14.3%
QB: 14.1%
OL: 13.4%
TE: 11.6%
P: 9.09%

5. First-round dreams: The SEC leads all conferences with 75 first-round picks in last 10 years. The Big 12 (52), Pac-12 (38), Big Ten (51) and ACC (47) all trail.

6. Most drafted per year: Since 2003, Florida and LSU have had the most players drafted in one draft with nine players selected. Florida had two years of nine in 2007 and 2010, while LSU’s best year was 2008. However, Tennessee still holds the record for the most SEC players selected in the modern draft era with 10 in 2002. LSU has a chance to have 13 or more players selected in the 2013 draft, blowing both out of the water. Is there a bigger SEC-NFL factory than LSU right now?

7. Bye-bye: Of the 401 total SEC players drafted the last decade, 124 (30.9%) of them are no longer playing in the league.

8. The most long-standing players: Over the last decade, a nine-season span, Georgia still had the most players in the NFL with 22 in 2012. Florida was second with 19, followed by LSU and Tennessee with 14.

Here’s the complete list that were active in the 2012 season:

  • Georgia: 22
  • Florida: 19
  • LSU: 14
  • Tennessee: 14
  • Arkansas: 12
  • S. Carolina: 11
  • Alabama: 10
  • Auburn: 7
  • Ole Miss: 6
  • Kentucky: 6
  • Vanderbilt: 2
  • Miss State: 1

9. All-Pro and Pro Bowlin’: Tennessee leads the SEC with 16 All-Pro and Pro Bowl selections over the last decade. The next closest team is somewhat surprising in Ole Miss with 12. Auburn has produced 11 players with All-Pro or Pro Bowl appearances, and LSU has produced 10. The SEC has produced a total of 80 players who have made All-Pro or Pro Bowl appearances. In contrast, only the Pac-12 has produced more with 102, while the SEC’s 80 leads the ACC (78), Big 12 (62) and Big Ten (62).

Here’s the full list by team that have made All-Pro or Pro Bowl appearances over the last decade:

  • Tennessee: 16
  • Ole Miss: 12
  • Auburn: 11
  • LSU: 10
  • Alabama: 9
  • Florida: 7
  • Arkansas: 6
  • Georgia: 4
  • S. Carolina: 3
  • Miss State: 1
  • Vanderbilt: 1
  • Kentucky: 0

10. Four former SEC players have been No. 1 picks in last decade: Cam Newton (Auburn), Matt Stafford (Georgia), JaMarcus Russell (LSU) and Eli Manning (Ole Miss) were the four to do it. Texas A&M’s Luke Joeckel could make it a fifth tonight in New York, and he would become the Aggies’ first ever overall No. 1 pick.

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