Which SEC team has put the most players in the NFL over the last decade?


With the draft looming Thursday, the SEC should set a record with 13 players selected in the first round, breaking the ACC’s record of 12 in 2006. Get your mind right in preparation.

We’ve already looked at the biggest SEC-NFL factories over last five years. Now, let’s stretch it all the way back to a decade’s worth of data from 2003-2012.

Team # Draft Picks 1st rd picks
Georgia 57 8
LSU 56 12
Florida 46 9
Alabama 45 11
Tennessee 39 7
Auburn 35 7
S. Carolina 31 5
Arkansas 29 6
Ole Miss 21 5
Miss State 16 2
Kentucky 15 1
Vanderbilt 11 2
*Texas A&M 25 4
*Missouri 21 5
  • The SEC has produced 401 total picks and 75 first-round picks in the last decade, and that doesn’t include newcomers Texas A&M or Missouri.
  • Georgia leads the SEC with 57 players picked in the last 10 years, followed closely by LSU with 56.
  • LSU also leads with 12 first-round picks, with Bama right on their heels with 11. The Tide didn’t have a first-round pick from 2003-2007, but from 2008 through 2012, Alabama had 11.
  • The one thing that stands out about this list is that Georgia, though having the most draft picks, still has yet to win a national championship during that time.

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  • Between the years of 2003-2012, the SEC has had 401 players drafted by the NFL. 401 players out of 2552 picks. That means that 15% of the players drafted from ’02–12 came from the SEC. During this time, the Atlanta Falcons and Cincinnati Bengals have drafted the most SEC players at 22 each. The teams that have drafted the least amount of SEC players include the Detroit Lions, New York Jets, and Jacksonville Jaguars (makes sense, right?).

  • Also during this time (well, at least through 2011 season), SEC players had made 80 Pro Bowl Appearances. Which school was represented the most? The Tennessee Volunteers with 16 total appearances.

  • Here are the top SEC picks in each of the year’s draft:

    2012 – Trent Richardson (Cleveland, 3rd overall)
    2011 – Cam Newton (Carolina, 1st overall)
    2010 – Eric Berry (Kansas City, 5th overall)
    2009 – Matthew Stafford (Detroit, 1st overall)
    2008 – Darren McFadden (Oakland, 4th overall)
    2007 – JaMarcus Russell (Oakland, 1st overall)
    2006 – Jay Cutler (Denver, 11th overall)
    2005 – Ronnie Brown (Miami, 2nd overall) *Cadillac Williams was selected 5th
    2004 – Eli Manning (San Diego, 1st overall)
    2003 – Ben Claxton (Denver, 5th overall)

  • Completely blows my mind Jacksonville does not draft SEC talent. Last time I checked the team is pretty much in the middle of the SEC. There is a little party played in the stadium every year by the name of the WLOCP. That game has showcased talent for years. However, the powers that be do not take advantage. Maybe it is due to where there draft picks fall from year to year. Honestly I do not keep up with it that much. However, those other teams with a lot of SEC talent on the roster, continue drafting SEC players….

    • Very true, it should be noted that the New England Patriots have drafted 19 players from the SEC since 2003. Guys like Aaron Hernandez, Donta Hightower, Chad Jackson, Brandon Spikes, and Stevan Ridley.

  • Georgia has far too much of the “get mine” mentality to win a championship.

    • I hafta agree with this statement to a certain extent. But there have only been a few teams that had a legitimate shot. NOBODY could have stopped the 2007 Dawgs at the end of the season. But the 2008 version was overconfident and thinkin NFL. The same could be said about last year’s Defense I think.

  • “The one thing that stands out about this list is that Georgia, though having the most draft picks, still has yet to win a national championship during that time”

    The SEC, the only conference where not having a national championship in the last ten years puts you in the second tier. Come on, Georgia, enough slackin’ already!!!

  • Let’s not forget fellas, according to most fans of teams in other conferences the SEC is extremely overrated and is only called the best conference because ESPN/other sports media are bias to the SEC. Give me a break… Look at the level of play, the national titles,bowl victories, amount of draft picks compared to other conferences, and how high they are drafted
    If you look at just those few facts a real college football fan that has half a brain cell can’t honestly say any other conference in college football is more competitive or talented. Period.

    • 100% correct. I love to read the yahoos who say such. In every conversation that starts or ends with such rhetoric they have to throw in “we graduate more than you”. It is the funniest post(s) of the day.

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