SEC Power Rankings: Big 5


Still, two teams control their own future in the SEC West in Alabama and Auburn, while the most interesting storyline in the entire SEC is which team will emerge from the SEC East – Georgia, Missouri or South Carolina?

Let’s roll…

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1. Alabama (9-0, 6-0)

Alabama virtually dominated LSU last weekend, and the Tide held the Tigers to -9 yards in the fourth quarter. Nick Saban’s team looked sporadic in the first half, with AJ McCarron missing on some key throws, but the second half was much different and completely dominant. That’s the Alabama team we’re used to seeing, and no one-dimensional team will beat the Tide.

Alabama travels to Starkville Saturday before hosting Chattanooga and traveling to November’s biggest game: the Iron Bowl. The LSU win gives the Tide two wins against currently ranked opponents.

Ranked wins: #11 Texas A&M, #21 LSU

Key games remaining: at #7 Auburn

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2. Auburn (9-1, 5-1)

The Tigers’ running game flexed its muscles Saturday against Tennessee, throwing up a 55-spot and rushing for an astonishing 444 yards. The Tigers are what they are: a dominant running game and a bend-but-don’t-break defense. The Tigers are looking more like a one-loss challenger for the BCS National Championship every single week, and with #25 Georgia, #1 Alabama and a ranked SEC East opponent in Atlanta, it’s well within reach.

But first, Auburn has to take care of a top 25 Georgia Saturday before heading into the bye week before the Iron Bowl. Georgia’s offense won’t make anything easy.

Ranked wins: #11 Texas A&M

Key games remaining: #25 Georgia, #1 Alabama

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3. South Carolina (7-2, 5-2)

South Carolina returns from a bye week against Florida this Saturday, and the Gators may not put up much of a fight. The Gamecocks are hoping Georgia loses to Auburn Saturday and Missouri gets beat one more time against Ole Miss or Texas A&M. Alabama joined the Gamecocks this week with two wins over currently ranked teams.

The UCF win looks better and better every week, along with the Mizzou comeback. Still, South Carolina is sitting pretty for a BCS bowl with a win over a top 10 ranked Clemson.

Ranked wins: #17 UCF, #9 Missouri

Key games remaining: #8 Clemson

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4. Missouri (9-1, 5-1)

Missouri feels like they can’t get any love in the BCS. Auburn throttles Tennessee and Mizzou does the same against Kentucky, and yet, Auburn jumps Mizzou. Justifiable? Who knows, but the Tigers have upside on the schedule with what will be a ranked Ole Miss following the bye week and a ranked Texas A&M team coming into Columbia.

Thanks to Georgia, the Tigers picked up a ranked win in this week’s power rankings.

Ranked wins: #25 Georgia

Key games remaining: NR Ole Miss, #11 Texas A&M

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5. Texas A&M (8-2, 4-2)

The Aggies are what they are: an electric offense but a bad defense. Thankfully they have the country’s best player in Johnny Manziel to score a boatload of points, and they’re going to need them against LSU and Missouri. Texas A&M heads into the bye week looking for answers on defense.

With two ranked opponents left, the Aggies could do some serious damage to LSU and Missouri, and a BCS bowl is still well within reach.

Ranked wins: None

Key games remaining: at #21 LSU, at #9 Missouri

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Note: Rankings reflect BCS rankings

The rest of the pack:

6. Georgia
7. Ole Miss
8. LSU
9. Vanderbilt
10. Mississippi State
11. Florida
12. Tennessee
13. Arkansas
14. Kentucky

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  • It’s a sad day when Florida is ranked below Miss State, but it’s true. The offense is just too brutal to score 13 against S. Carolina this weekend. Furthermore, I’d put Missouri over South Carolina and Auburn. I think they’re better than what everyone thinks. Also think Ole Miss is better than advertised setting up for a BIG game in a couple weeks.

    • Ole Miss is a good team, and that young defense is going to be something stellar. When you have 3 losses but you can chalk them up to meetings with #1 Alabama, #7 Auburn and #11 Texas A&M, you’re doing something right, especially with the ass kicking they dealt to Texas, who’s now ranked again at #24.

      • Yeah, but I glance at that 25-0 final & it sucks. We’ve averaged 37 points per game vs. the other 8 teams we’ve played, but goose egg against Bama. On (semi?) bright side, I think we held y’all to your lowest point total of the season.

        • For the first and still the only time I have disagreed with H.F. Was the Bama game. We were in scoring position three times and never kicked a field goal. I do not for one second think Ole Miss would have had a different outcome just the score would have more accurately reflected what transpired on the field

  • Question about how (commenter’s team) beat team X when team X was ranked, but it isn’t showing as a “ranked win” in 3……2…..1

    • The above question might be beat by an Ole Miss fan questioning how Georgia can possibly be ranked ahead of them.
      Let’s see who wins…

      • I’d agree with that statement, it should probably be 6. Georgia, 6. Ole Miss, 8. LSU. Ole Miss has 3 losses, to #1, #7 and #11 in the nation. The #11 Texas A&M loss was by 3 points. Georgia lost to #8, #9 and Vandy. I’m not knocking anything Vandy has accomplished this season and James Franklin will be a hell of a coach in Gainesville, but I would put them (UGA and Ole Miss) on level playing fields.

    • But, but, but… is Georgia ranked ahead of Ole Miss. I kid. Same record against equally tough schedule, but y’all have the better conference record. I’d put Georgia ahead of us this week. Probably will only be this week, but we’ll see.

      • I kind of agree with the Bama fan above. I see UGA and Ole Miss as equal. There is nothing that really makes me think one is clearly better than the other.

  • ZOU!!! I’m glad two teams from the Big 12 came in and disrupted the natural flow of things for the SEC, because now its alot more competitive. Not bad for a team that basically recruits 3-Star talent across the board. I love it.

  • Ole Miss was ranked when Auburn beat them. Count that as a ranked win.

    • Meh. As long as we can count y’all as a “ranked” loss. Anyway, after this weekend we should be back in the rankings, & then you can count it as a ranked win.

    • Well, it wasn’t in the form of a question, but a good ol’ Auburn fan came through for me.

    • Every week he explains the power rankings. It is only CURRENT top 25 teams. You dont get credit for beating an overranked Florida for instance.

      • It doesnt matter. When stating a teams “ranked wins.” then actually state the teams “ranked wins.” Ole Miss was ranked at the time of the Auburn Victory. So count it.

        • How bout this? You can start a website dedicated to all things Auburn (or whatever you feel like dedicating it to) and create your own power rankings, defining a “ranked win” however you’d like. In the meantime, I don’t think there is a rule that mandates a “ranked win” means a win over a team ranked at the time the two teams played.

  • Rankings and ratings: Either you believe that each program’s quality changes (most get better each week), or you sadly, in your ignorance, don’t. If the programs get better, then you can’t change the quality of a win/loss after the fact. Because at the time of the game, you as a voter, used record and eye test to qualify the win/loss. You can’t say ‘do overs’ later because you are comparing the quality of the 11 week opponents with the quality of the opponents during some earlier stage of development. Do your homework at the time of the contest and vote your best guess, because you can’t now say sorry we as voters are taking away ranked wins, or magically conferring ranked wins, as if week eleven quality or non-quality changes the past quality (eye test, healthy players, coaches, suspensions, even the ability to string record wins changes.) Either you vote and rank or you don’t. You can’t change the credentials you handed out after the fact. No wonder conference championships and ranks mean so much more than make believe rankings. Because the bowl games that show us how conferences compare each year happen after the NCG match up has been dreamed up by the media. And Jon you are most certainly right about this, a committee with no computer will not solve this problem.

  • Not that it matters, but what is the justification for putting Auburn and SC over Mizzou? I know SC beat us (In double-overtime, without our starting quarterback and best cover man, due to an awry 24 yard field goal that hit the upright), but we beat both of the teams they lost to by 15+ points. And Auburn’s loss is to the #21 team in the country, while Mizzou’s is to the #10 team. I know y’all are SEC homers and afraid of the new guy and all, I mean I would be too considering we have been doubted every single week and consistently proved the skeptics wrong, but you’ve got to give some credit where credit is due or you just look dumb. And please don’t give me the “it was earlier in the season” excuse, a loss is a loss, it should be about who the opponent was and how competitive the game was, not what month the game took place in.

    • Auburn- Transitive matchups (Aub only allowed 9 points to Ark St., hung over 50 points on TN on the road rather than 30 at home), better ranked wins (Georgia is lucky to be ranked with 4 losses, A&M’s clinging to it’s #11 status with 2), timing of their single losses (say what you will, but timing matters due to turnaround time) and the team they lost to didn’t come back from a 17-point shutout to win, or have two different QBs rack up over 200 passing yards.
      SC- More than one ranked win, overall greater strength of schedule, and a head to head victory. SC has also faced all but one of it’s key opponents (Clemson) while Mizzou still has to contend with Ole Miss and A&M. Mizzou also faced Georgia after 5 key injuries, while SC faced them at near full strength.
      Bottom line, there’s more to college football than just winning. Be glad to be a top 10 team with one loss and no signature wins. Enough credit is given there.

    • It doesn’t really matter where they put us now. Nobody will remember if we were ranked 4th in the SEC after week 9 blah blah blah. What matters is where we are in 3 weeks and hopefully that will be East winners with a chance to knock off the #1 team in the nation.

    • 3 things:
      1. your ranked win is #25, USC’s are 17 and 9.
      2. you would not have won if you made the field goal, just tied the game
      3. you are in the SEC now, you can stop using the word “homer” unless referring to Bart, Lisa and Maggie’s father

      • The loss to USC was also at home. That has to be a huge factor. The top teams can’t afford to lose at home, regardless of the opponent.

        • It’s still just one loss to the #10 team in the country, compared to two losses against the #25 ranked team in the country and a terrible Tennessee team. Mizzou has the #33 SOS and USC has #34 SOS yet Mizzou has one less loss than USC. If the roles are flipped and USC is 9-1 everyone would be putting them far ahead of an 8-2 Mizzou team.

  • Virgina Tech also “held” Alabama to 25 points.

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