SEC power rankings: Week 1


SDS will update the landscape around the SEC with power rankings every week, and even after just one week, they have changed.

Here’s a link to the preseason power rankings.

Let’s roll…

In the championship hunt

1. Alabama
2. LSU
3. South Carolina
4. Texas A&M
5. Georgia
6. Florida

During preseason, we discussed the narrow gap between Alabama and the SEC’s second best team, but now we’re talking about the hairline crack between Alabama and #6. It’s that close, and any six of these teams can hoist the hardware in Atlanta. LSU jumps up to #2 in this week’s power poll, followed closely by South Carolina. Texas A&M and Georgia are a lot alike, and Florida may have the best defense of the six. The SEC is wide open.

Middle tier

7. Ole Miss
8. Vanderbilt

With Thursday night’s win, Ole Miss cemented itself at #7, just ahead of Vanderbilt. Both teams are close to top 25 recognition, and neither team wanted to exit the loser. Did these two provide a top five game of 2013?

Want to see more

9. Arkansas
10. Missouri
11. Auburn
12. Tennessee

I want to see more of the above four teams. Arkansas played so well, and it’s clearly a new hard-nosed and physical era of power football under Bret Bielema. Missouri’s offense went off for 58 points and 694 total yards against Murray State. Auburn eeked out a win over Washington State, thanks to three INTs, and Tennessee won 45-0 against a very outmatched opponent. We’ll see all four in action this weekend in an effort to get more of a sample size.

Bottom two

13. Mississippi State
14. Kentucky

The most underwhelming offensive performance of the weekend went to Mississippi State. In fact, it picked right up where it left off last year – lethargic and unimpressive. Dan Mullen has to mix in some creativity, and he’ll have to do it without Tyler Russell this week because of an injury. Kentucky has lost two straight to Western Kentucky, and the Cats yielded 487 yards and 35 points.

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  • Defnitely agree with those top 6. Should be a fun season to watch

  • A&M ahead of Florida and Georgia???? I know you haven’t forgotten last year, but FLorida and LSU both handled A&M no problems and both are better this year while A&M isn’t as good. I guess you’re trying to pad Bama’s loss a bit, no surprise. Bama will lose this year so then you’ll have to get off the kewlaid and give the real teams credit rather than the hype teams. LSU , Florida, Georgia and SC are just 4 teams that looked better than Bama, but Arkansas, Ol’ Miss and A&M will certainly give them fits. The refs can’t give em all to Bama this year, no way!

    • I agree with you that LSU and Florida should be ahead of A&M right now, cause they deserve to be, but your hater commit saying Bama will loose is just

      • hopefull wishes from a team that looked worse than Bama on opening night
        VT played a great game against a OL that had no experience working with each other but has all the skills to improve each week, we didn’t even open up 25% percent of the playbook cause we didn’t have to and still won by 25

  • Get your tickets or sets tuned in because this is going to change fast, maybe this weekend.

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