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Game-by-game predictions for every SEC team in 2013

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Since August, SDS’ own Brad Crawford has been looking into the crystal ball for every SEC team. In fact, he’s predicted a game-by-game breakdown of every SEC football schedule for 2013.

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Here’s a team-by-team, game-by-game breakdown of the SEC’s schedules:

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Comments 8

  1. Here is what I think should happen to make it even. Move Bama and Auburn to the East that way they can keep up their BS traditional games between Tenn and UGA. Move Mizzou and either Vandy or Kentucky to the West. And now rotate with 2 teams from the other division.

  2. That makes to much sense… is that UGA has to go to Auburn in back-to-back years? Is there something going on at Sanford Stadium that day? It’s like they make the schedule by throwing darts at a board.

    • Seth
      Commented : 8 months ago

      Ole Miss has the same thing happening to them. They went to Bama last year and again this year. A&M came to Oxford last year and again this year…guess some teams had to get the shaft for whatever reason and it happened to be our teams

    • A&M and Mizzou threw a wrench in the schedules. Things will even out next year hopefully for goo.

  3. Here is a novel concept; Just count ‘division’ games for ‘division’ titles. Spurrier proposed the right solution, but teams like Bama want credit for beating Tennessee. Right now based on the schedule you are handed at the beginning of the season you are either going to Atlanta or not. Right now the SEC office decides who gets a chance to compete for a Naty. Disgraceful, bizarre, unacceptable.

  4. That’s true that’s why the scheduling issue. of course the changes in the big 12 also screwed Missouri schedule up. we had to go to College Station three years in a row. Won 2 though.

  5. Beating Tennessee is not always easy.