4 SEC QBs named in top 10 most overrated in 2013


The SEC has a trio of quarterbacks returning that has more star power than any other time in conference history – and maybe college football history for one conference. AJ McCarron, Aaron Murray and Johnny Manziel are three looking to take their teams to greater heights this season and make a run at a championship.

Aside from just the trio, the SEC has several other quarterbacks looking to have big years. Zach Mettenberger, Connor Shaw, Jeff Driskel, Bo Wallace and Tyler Russell are five others to watch, and each are expected to pick up their game.

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But Athlon Sports says two of the big three and two others are the most overrated in college football:

1. Logan Thomas, Virginia Tech
2. David Fales, San Jose State
3. Clint Chelf, Oklahoma State
4, Keith Price, Washington
5. Zach Mettenberger, LSU
6. Aaron Murray, Georgia
7. Bo Wallace, Ole Miss
8. Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M
9. Blake Bell, Oklahoma
10. David Ash, Texas

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My (hot sports) take on Athlon’s list:

  • Virginia Tech is consistently the most overrated team in the country. So, it’s only fitting their quarterback is the No. 1 most overrated.
  • I can buy Zach Mettenberger making the list, because he had a little bit too much sizzle and no steak last year and was one of the most hyped quarterbacks entering 2012. But Cam Cameron is expected to take his game to the next level. 
  • I don’t have enough sample size from Bo Wallace to make a judgment yet, considering he played with an injured throwing shoulder from week four through the end of the season. I like Wallace to make a big splash in 2013.
  • I would say Johnny Manziel’s offseason fatigue is overrated, but on the field, Manziel is dynamite. He was such a raw quarterback last year, and I think he improves as an overall player…but maybe the numbers don’t improve upon 5,100 total yards. Will that mean he’s overrated?
  • True – Aaron Murray’s damage has come against non-SEC and non-ranked opponents. His 4-10 record against ranked opponents is one reason he returned as a senior, as well as to win a championship. But Murray took his game to another level last year, throwing for nearly 3,900 yards and cutting down his INTs from 14 to 10. I love Murray as a player, and Georgia puts the ball in his hands to win down the stretch of nearly every game.

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  • Oh, Athlon…the last of the prints trying to stay relevant. Mettenberger OK. The other three, not so much.

  • Murray AND Manziel? What an assumption! Don’t like UGA in the least bit, but Murray isn’t overrated. All he’s done is put up number after number. I don’t even have to say anything about Manziel.

    • it pains me to agree with a gator but you are right. I heard people say that Tebow was overrated and had the same reaction. The only reason not to like Tebow is he beats the hell out of your team every year. I would say McCarron is more overrated even though he is a fine QB.

      • How is McCarron overrated? He’s won back-to-back BCS titles, an SEC title, and led the country in efficiency last year… and people still call him a “game manager”.

        If anything he is now, and probably will be for some time, underrated.

        • he is a game manager. Don’t try to tell me Bama’s wins and losses rest on the back of AJ. He’s a fine QB, but without Lacy and Yeldon I highly doubt he would have the illustrious name he does. He’s a game manager in the fact that he doesn’t carry his team, they rode the backs of those 2 horses to the national title and if it werent for them, he’d have been in the capital one bowl and UGA would have been the team to beat ND by 5000 points

        • A “game manager” doesn’t pull out a 30:3 touchdown/interception ratio. They don’t slip passes into coverage against Heisman candidates. They don’t pull consistently great sells on play action.
          And games haven’t been put on his back? You’re a UGA fan and you’re really gonna sell that? Did you forget that pass he made to Cooper right in Damian Swann’s eye to win the SEC title game, or his entire final drive against LSU, or do you just not watch games at all?

          Believe what you want, but the kid came in pretty highly touted and proven that it was for pretty good reason. He’s got five championship rings and three came as a starter. Hell, he’s got only two less National Championship rings than the entirety of the UGA football program.

    • Murray has put up his good numbers against mostly weaker teams. He has struggled against the top ones, mainly with INTs. Can’t say that for McCarron or Manziel as far as I can remember.

  • Suggest the author take a look at this on Murray: http://www.cfbstats.com/2012/player/257/1024001/passing/split.html sure his stats are better vs cupcakes versus not, who’s isn’t. But even Jon Cooper says “his numbers come against the weaker competition” and that’s just not true. He has nearly a 160 rating in conference. He had a horrible team around him his first year and he (and they) have progressively gotten better each year. This team will go where he takes them, he and Todd Gurley that is.

  • How is VT the most overrated team in the country? USC still exists, ya know.

    • I agree. Although VT can’t win big games (as a Hokie I have to admit it), we are actually one of the most consistently ranked teams from year to year. Generally a top 25 team winning 10 games a year, nothing more and nothing less. I hope to give Bama competition in the first game, but no way expect to win or to lose by less than 14. As far as Logan Thomas, he had a bad year last year, that’s obvious. But he was good in 2011. The 2012 squad lost almost all the O-line, WRs, and star David Wilson. Kind of hard not to regress when you lost most of the talent around you. I expect Thomas to be better this year, but certainly not elite.

      • I’m a Bama alum and as die hard a Bama fan as you’ll find but I expect a hell of a game out of Beamer. A lot of it’s sentiment (I’m a Virginia native and played high school ball under the late great Tom Turner, who was a Hokie), but I’ve watched a lot of their practices and they’ve been lookin pretty stout. Normally in Commonwealth ball I do tend to lean Wahoo, but I didn’t see them as a cakewalk game for Saban in 09 and I don’t see it this year either, but it’ll be tough considering Beamer had to pull one of his backs for rule violations.

  • Everything I read from Athlon seems to have a negative spin to the SEC. I don’t believe any of the SEC QB’s are really overrated. They did get Logan Thomas right. Talk about a QB that just consistently sucks, but gets talked about like he is going to be a superstar in the NFL. I would tell other SEC fans to not read Athlon sports because most of their articles are mostly negative.

    • Thomas consistently sucks, really? Considering he’s had one good season 2011 (with a lot more offensive talent) and one bad season 2012 (with new o-line, WRs, and RB), I’d say he’s been average. He can’t control the media hyping him because of his size. He’s not elite, but he’ll be above average.

  • As long as Notre Shame plays football, they will always be over rated…what an embarrassment!

    • Typically yes, but only ranked 15 or so preseason. They did win 12 games last year and play in the NCG. You basing it all on that one game that they’re awful? I’d take 12 wins for my gamecocks

  • I can’t believe you said Murray took his game to another level last year when South Carolina beat him and Georgia 35-7, and the 7 points Georgia scored were garbage points late in the 4th quarter. To take that a step further, Murray has never beaten South Carolina and they play every year. With ESPN taking the Gameday crew to Clemson for the game against Georgia, elevating this already anticipated matchup has only meant a loss for Murray, if you look at his record in the “big” games in his career. I think he is a nice young man from a good family, but neither win games for you. South Carolina’s no name quarterbacks are eager to elevate themselves by winning….

    • Two things: 1. I love Connor Shaw and think he’s an absolute winner and 2. There were other games Georgia played besides South Carolina, you know. UGA ran into a buzz saw much like SC ran into a buzz saw in Gainesville. Neither were primarily the fault of the QB. The game and momentum swings had something to do with it, too.

      • USC fans just can’t stop mentioning that game against UGA, I guess other than that and Clowney, they really don’t have much to hang their visor on. Jon, great point about how USC completely fell apart in Gainesville – note that they got beat by 33 and gave up 44 to that woeful offense! And it was a MAJOR choke (on top of the LSU loss in the previous week) – win either game and they walk to the SEC Championship. I can’t wait until this year’s UGA/USC game. I think our O-line will hold up much better this year, and the crowd noise won’t allow Clowney to pick up the snap count, as he admitted to doing consistently in last year’s game. Clowney is gone after this season, a season in which I don’t expect much out of USC. And then USC will sink back into insignificance for the rest of the Old BallS Coach’s career.

        • Dmorse, USC fans will mention that Murray is 0-3 against them. It’s not just that one game. They could also mention that no other fan base, even Clemson, comes into Columbia and talks as much trash. USC fans will continue to dog Murray unless he and the dawgs win in Sept. should be a good game.

  • Mettenberger is an “old Dawg in Tiger clothing”…….Had it not been for a strict UGA policy (which I admire)……. I feel that Zach and Aaron would have battled, to the wire, for #1 QB!

  • …..Mettenberger is an “Old Dawg in Tiger Clothing”…..Had it not been for breaking UGA policy, I feel that he and Murray would be battling it out for #1 QB……Mettenberger was very impressive, in his only G-Day spring game.

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