Four SEC teams look to rebound this weekend

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Western Kentucky

Four SEC teams lost their opening week games – Georgia, Kentucky, Vanderbilt and Mississippi State. Starting 0-2 isn’t where any team wants to be, and these four will need to rebound Saturday.

Here is a peak:

Georgia: South Carolina
Main issues: Line(s) of scrimmage
Buzz: It doesn’t get any easier for Georgia this week against another top 10 team. South Carolina has dominated the run game the last three years, and they are strong on both lines of scrimmage. Each team will look to impose their will in the running game. Georgia will look to rebound against another top 10 team. Combined, Aaron Murray and Mark Richt are 4-11 the last three years against top 10 opponents. That’s not getting it done, but the blame falls solely on neither.

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Kentucky: Miami (OH)
Main issues: Passing game
Buzz: Kentucky will start Max Smith this week, who will look to get the Air Raid offense going. It struggled against WKU’s defense last week. Miami gave up 600 total yards to Marshall, including 300 yards on the ground and five TDs through the air. It’s the perfect opponent to spark the Cats’ offense.

Vanderbilt: Austin Peay
Main issues: Defense giving up big plays
Buzz: Thursday night we saw Ole Miss gash Vanderbilt’s defense with big plays. The same was true for Ole Miss, but ultimately, the game was lost on Jeff Scott’s 75-yard TD run. The Dores gave up 18 plays over 10 yards and two plays over 30 yards. Both are concerning for a defense that has been great the last two years. The offense is fine, but the defensive front seven is concerning. However, Austin Peay won’t pose a threat.

Mississippi State: Alcorn State
Main issues: Offense
Buzz: Dan Mullen’s offense is being heavily criticized right now. The Bulldogs were the only team to not score an offensive touchdown last weekend, and he won’t have Tyler Russell starting at QB this week. The offense’s problems stem back to last year, and the Bulldogs picked right up where the non-creative offense left off. They feature no misdirection plays, nor as many vertical passes, knowing Tyler Russell can sling the rock. Several issues exist with MSU’s offense right now, especially with Auburn looming next weekend.

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  • I will be disappointed if:
    1. Alcorn State Scores a TD
    2. We don’t cover the spread
    3. We don’t have at least two 100 yard rushers
    4. Dak passes for less than 200.

  • You should’ve stopped at:

    “I will be disappointed”
    Because with that list, you’re going to be.

  • notha good read, watching Georgia live at Missouri last year, one thing for sure, both of these teams get a lot better as the year goes along…. Is that good autumn coaching or room for improvement in winter to autumn prep., or something else? Essentially, when two good teams meet, somebody is still going to lose and I thought Clemson played their best against LSU and Georgia.

    When a new head coach comes in he can’t get rid of everyone and start over, so fans at Kentucky are going to have to look for realistic improvements and at the same time recognize that success in 2012 and success in 2013 have to be defined in different ways. Even in 2012 I saw flashes of good coaching and player execution by Kentucky, and last week they played against one of the best tactical and technical coaches in football if you can forgive the other history that came with it.

    It can’t be overstated that Vandy and Ole Miss had a contest last week where anyone who watched won the fan lottery.

    What if Gundy and Okkie State were just determined to show that the top of the Big 12 is a couple touchdowns better than the bottom of the SEC? and that they can learn to play defensive football also? If there was ever a fun look tv look into a program’s training camp it was the recent one done on Miss.State. This attitude that football is more fun than anything else a college man can do is a solid place to start and as a coach I see a good programs growing there.

    Just some ideas from the ‘green hill country’ of Missouri.

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