SEC Report #20 – Iron Bowl, Rivalry Weekend Recap


In the latest episode of the SEC Report, we talk about the Iron Bowl, the Egg Bowl, and coaches such as Spurrier, Sumlin, Muschamp and more.

Have a listen below:

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  • I was at the Missouri v aTm game. aTm played so well for the first 25 minutes that the outcome looked to be leaning their way. They were getting a lot of first downs and they were hitting some big plays. To say that they looked like they were not playing up to their ability is not accurate. Missouri and LSU had the athletic ability to contain and chase Manziel that nobody else has had since Manziel took his first college snap. If you missed this then you are short changing LSU and Missouri. Even against the best chasers in college football Manziel still had a better performance than Winston, or Clemson’s qb, or anyone else I can think of. He hit a long td strike while in the grasp from behind of Missouri’s Sam. You guys need to watch that game again. One of aTm’s backs was making Missouri look like they couldn’t tackle and we know they can. So what happened, 1. Fitness-Missouri is deeper than aTm 2. Manziel also got tired of having the fastest chasers in the NCAA chase him. 3. Missouri’s EJ Gaines was doing such a great job on Evans that the secondary figured out they could react to the running game faster. 4. Missouri’s offensive line got significantly stronger (fitness again). If you have been watching the local Missouri stories you would know that Missouri’s lines is like a fitness social club. They do extra work to become more fit. Then they have celebratory dance parties at night after the homework gets done out in the parking lots. The video of these celebrations is funny but the brotherhood of this crew is an effective training result. 5. Harder hitting, Missouri sent a message to aTm that they were going to pay for every yard in the 3rd and 4th quarter. I’ve never seen a defensive and offensive line raise their level of play and hit that much harder from one half to the next in 50 years of watching college football. 6. Missouri’s Andrew Wilson 7. the crowd was relentless when aTm were trying to call signals There’s more.. but I know you can’t put the whole story on a audio blog.

    • Your dead on Wolfman. It was Mizzou that cam out Flat and the defense that manned up.You guys should watch that game again. Mizzou made Johnny paid for every yard of dirt. 21 yards rushing ? Rewind the hits he took. Look at the tiredness in the 4th quarter when he repeatedly looked to the bench with both arms raised in the “WTF ” do you want me to do. This got worse as Wolfman pointed out as the defense started cheating more up to the line when it became apparent that EJ had Evans number, a very dejected Evans btw. Another factor as the game ends the 15 degree drop in temperature. The crowd made sure Mizzou didn’t feel it but the frozen breath in the fourth became more and more evident. Johnny wanted to be anywhere but the Zou. Those looks over to the bench which became more frequent as the money sign he does disappeared. He got the crap beat out of him period.

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