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The SEC Report Episode #1 – Big Six Preview and Week 1 Predictions

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The first episode of the SEC Report podcast has been recorded. In this episode, the guys do a “Big Six” preview discussing the top three teams in each division followed by a brief look at the week 1 matchups.

You can listen to the show below or by using this link. In the coming weeks, we’ll be setting up the podcast via iTunes for easy subscribing.

The table of contents for this episode is as follows:

  • 1:58 – Is the SEC East or SEC West the stronger division entering 2013?
  • 3:43 – Texas A&M Preview
  • 14:15 – LSU Preview
  • 20:30 – Alabama Preview
  • 30:38 – SEC West Predictions
  • 32:11 – Florida Preview
  • 39:20 – Georgia Preview
  • 47:25 – South Carolina Preview
  • 54:56 – SEC East Predictions
  • 56:50 – Who is the #7 team? Auburn, Ole Miss or Vandy?
  • 58:34 – Week 1 Predictions

Stay tuned for more episodes of the SEC Report.

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Comments 8

  1. Will there be a podcast available via iTunes?

  2. Great job on the first podcast.

  3. Is this a conference or half of a conference, I’m starting to forget.

    • Wolfman – It was abbreviated because it’s so close to the season. Lots more to talk about moving forward.

    • Kevin
      Commented : 8 months ago

      Woflman, despite our desire to do so, doing a 3 hour podcast covering every team two days before kickoff was not possible. The desire and discussion points were there, but the post-production side was not. We’ll make it up to you big man. You need to select your team on your profile however so we know what your team is.

  4. Ole Miss is the easily the 7th best team in the SEC. I wouldn’t be surprise to see Ole Miss end up the No. 5 teams in the SEC at the end of the season and ranked in the top 20. A&M doesn’t have anywhere the talent as Bama. Ole Miss will end up beating either A&M or LSU. A lot of ppl still aren’t sold on Ole Miss. Look for Ole Miss to make a statement Thursday against Vandy.