SEC Report Episode #10 – What We Know


Given that we’re into October, it is time to establish what we know about the state of the Southeastern Conference this football season.

Have a listen to the SEC roundtable discussion regarding a few things that we now know about various teams and players in the SEC in 2013.

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  • Offense is dominating in 2013
  • An Alabama v Georgia SEC Championship Game is very likely
  • Georgia and Aaron Murray are not afraid of the big game
  • Ole Miss… not yet ready to contend for SEC West titles
  • Mike Davis is Lattimore-esque
  • The SEC West is again stronger than the SEC East
  • Bonus topic: The state of Tennessee football



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  • Very interesting discussion, can’t wait for the next. And Tennessee as a women’s basketball school…classic! I know some Tennessee fans who would cry if I told them that one.

  • RIP Tennessee…. Damn that was tough to listen to. but it’s interesting the uphill climb UT has ahead. and it’s plausible tennessee will never be tennessee again. But I’m still a VFL.

    • I admire your spirit, and as long as there are loyal fans to Tennessee, they will find a way to get back on top again. The combination of Vince Dooley and Lane Kiffin may have made it unbearable for the past 4 years, but Butch Jones seems to be bringing in some future talent. How he will coach it is a different story, but bringing in future NFL stars in the program is a start.

  • The Tennessee segment at the end was hysterical.

  • So let me get this straight….AJ McCarron gets credit for “just winning” but Murray has won the last two games in Jax against the BEST D in the nation and y’all rip him for his stats and say he’s afraid of Florida now? Y’all seriously crack me up. And somebody explain to me why Scar and LSU had solid Defenses until UGA shreds them? So if you lose to UGA…your defense is garbage? Perhaps it’s just that our offense is one of the most balanced and explosive offenses IN THE NATION and is led by probably the hardest working QB as well. We’ve survived the gauntlet with our young Defense. We knew they would give up points to those 3 teams…who by the way have averaged a combined 40 points a game so far. They made a choice to stop the run…and the RB all of you were touting as “the best in the sec” before the game. But This left them vulnerable to the pass…and yeah the freshmen got burnt by the future NFL wideouts. Nobody’s saying anything about the play of JHC in that game. Dude had like 15 tackles and 3 or 4 big pass break ups. As the season goes on they will get better. And if they show any improvement at all I like our chances to make a run.

    • JP- the y’all was directed at Bo. William and myself are sold. As always, thanks for listening. Seriously. If Bama and Georgia were playing Saturday on a neutral field, you’d have to go with the Dawgs. Hopefully the secondary can gel, and if they do, look out.

      • Fair enough…to be honest I’m still trying to figure out who’s who sometimes. I just don’t get why some folks seem to root against him and want him to fail so they can call him a choker. Why wouldn’t you instead root for a kid that’s not 6′ 3″ like McCarron . Doesn’t have the athleticism of a Manziel… But is a great kid that has worked his butt off and studied film to improve his game every year to get to this point where I think anyone can agree is playing at an elite level. Prime example: this offseason he worked on his pocket presence and ability to escape the pocket when needed. How many big plays has he created just by rolling out and giving the receivers time to get open? That, to me, has been the big difference this year.

    • I don’t think LSU ever had a great defense before the Georgia game. Solid defense is not giving up 21 points in one half at home to Auburn, 27 points to an average TCU, or 17 to UAB. This is atypical of LSU since losing so many to the NFL draft last year. But since they surrendered the most points to Georgia, that obviously makes a statement about the strength of Georgia’s offense. Georgia has been scoring like this against EVERYONE. It’s like when Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M comes to town, defense for the opposing team just goes out the window. Now that Georgia is done with one of the roughest Septembers I have ever seen, they have a chance to let their defense gel, and I think it will improve by the time they face Florida. As far as stats are concerned when coming to Florida, throw everything out the window. Last year was last year, and I believe Georgia’s offense will score more than they did last year against Florida.

      • Yeah don’t get me wrong I wasn’t blown away by LSU’s D before the UGA game either…I saw the let Mason run all over them and new we could too. But D is what LSU is known for and there were some here that said that would be the difference in the game.

  • SEC 2013
    East West
    GA > AL
    SC > LSU
    MO / FL > aTm / Miss
    Van > Au
    TN > Ark
    KY > Miss St.
    not sure where you’re getting the west better than the east. let’s have a few more cross division game before we jump to those conclusions

  • Ok gentlemen, will you give MIZZOU credit due to them after they play and (hopefully) win this Saturday or will you still be skeptical and continue to categorize them essentially as a joke? BTW, which one of you gentlemen said that MIZZOU’s non-conf schedule was terrible? Really? Have you all looked at the cupcakes that the “big” sec teams will be playing (i.e., Alabama vs Georgia State and Chattanoga)?

    • ZouTide – I was speaking up for your guys, but William and Bo want to see more sample size. That’s fair. Mizzou is the biggest unknown in the SEC right now. We’ll learn a lot Saturday.

      • Thanks Jon for clearing that up for me. To me, I think the real problem that a lot of “origial” SEC fans and writers have with Mizzou is that they may be in the SEC, they are not a part of the “club” mentality. Granted, last year sure didn’t help. Regardless, scheduling easier contests during the beginning or sprinkled throughout the season is based upon purpose and what would likely benefit a team in the long run. For some sprinkling throughout the season helps as its almost like a bye where people can get healthy…front-loading them helps to build confidence after a tough previous year season. Can’t fault a team for doing it either way. But as you say, you end up risking whether people recognize what you can do when the non-conf schedule is front loaded.

      • “Ya gotta crawl before ya ball.” Beat Vandy and people might start paying attention, but as Missouri knows, that’s not as easy as it sounds.

        • “Beat Vandy and people might start paying attention” – amazing how far that program has come in a few years isn’t it?

  • I thoroughly enjoyed Tennessee section. Well worth the wait for the entire podcast to end with that. Like you four, I’m skeptical they will be a fraction of what they once were. They’re a mere shadow of what they once were now. CFB is better when Tenn is good but it looks like ‘good’ may not be returning to Kville anytime soon.

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