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SEC Report Episode #11 – Studs and Duds

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We take a look at the top performing and most disappointing players by position in the SEC thus far in 2013.

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Topics include:

  1. The best quarterbacks in the SEC
  2. Is AJ McCarron a dud so far?
  3. Jeff Driskel’s disappointing season
  4. The top running backs
  5. How good is Mike Davis?
  6. The top wide receivers
  7. Where is Amari Cooper?
  8. Defensive studs
  9. Bonus topics: Lane Kiffin eulogy and concern over the SEC winning an 8th straight title.

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  1. Jon, do you think Murphy is really that good, or has it just been because of the defenses he’s seen so far? And when i say “that good”, I just mean being able to keep the ball moving and prevent turnovers. I realize florida has no heisman winners on the roster, but we just really need a game manager with the defense we have

    • From such a small sample size, there is more upside to Florida’s offense under Murphy than Jeff Driskel. Not because Murphy is a better prospect, but because he has much better instincts and the offense seems to move efficiently under him. He can be that manager that you’re talking about, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by his decision-making, running and cutting ability. Coaches have played it close to the vest thus far, and Florida hasn’t seen a front four like Arkansas yet. We’ll know a lot more about Tyler Murphy Sunday.