SEC Report Episode #14 – Upset Weekend Recap


Considering the wild weekend that occurred, our latest podcast episode discusses the upsets and the resulting impact we can expect on the rest of the 2013 season. We wrap up with a discussion of the opening BCS poll.

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Contents of this episode:

  • 0:50 – Initial reactions of the weekend
  • 5:50 – What was the most disappointing loss for an SEC team?
  • 6:45 – Is Auburn re-taking their spot in the SEC West?
  • 8:00 – South Carolina’s bad loss
  • 11:05 – Did Saturday have implications for Tennessee’s future?
  • 15:20 – Welcome back 2012 Zach Mettenberger
  • 20:25 – Johnny Manziel and Mike Evans
  • 26:10 – Which team is the bigger mess, Florida or Georgia?
  • 29:45 – The BCS

Two more episodes will be released shortly. A full episode dedicated to Missouri’s 2013 run, and another on Alabama and the BCS. Stay tuned…




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  • Are you kidding me? Tennessee is selling that they aren’t going to suck forever?! They are selling that they are on the rise. Tennessee has 2 workhorses at running back in Raijon Neal and Marlin Lane along with young receivers that have played very well. The only thing Tennessee lacks is a solid quarterback. Please explain to me how South Carolina gave Tennessee that game? Did you even watch it? Tennessee’s defense played extremely well by putting pressure on Connor Shaw and keeping the receivers locked down result in multiple sacks. Tennessee held one of the best offenses in the SEC to only 7 points in the first half. Now I agree that Alabama will definitely win this weekend, but to say that Tennessee can’t possibly win against Auburn or Vanderbilt is ridiculous. Tennessee has improved every week. Tennessee did not play a battered Georgia team, Tennessee BATTERED Georgia. The only starter Georgia did not have at the start of the Tennessee game was Gurley. Everyone else was ready to go. Tennessee will beat either Auburn of Vanderbilt or possibly both. Mark my words. Tennessee is a sleeping giant that is about to awaken.

    • Sleeping giant? Ah, common. There’s a chance with the parity and what teams are losing next year for the Vols to be in contention for the East.

  • I thoroughly enjoy this every week. Keep it up. Also can’t wait to listen to William talk about missouri in the next one.

  • I’m totally on board with a new regime in Athens at this point. And it’s not just about the losses. It’s how CMR never takes responsibility for his mistakes. The special teams neglect being the biggest one. I’m so sick of hearing his boring ass cliche responses and execution excuses. As for the injuries I just feel sorry for Murray…he came back at the top of his game and was well on his way to shutting up all of the doubters and possibly getting that SEC title. Now he doesn’t have a damn target left to throw to and is having to run for TDs. Hey maybe UGA can hire Muschamp as DC and a new HC.

  • I knew some reporters were going to start speculating that the SEC was down this year, but the facts just do not support this. Here’s what we know for sure. Tennessee was going to be better and they are. Missouri was going to heal up and be significantly better, holy cow guys, they got their starting quarterback, their entire starting offensive line, their all-conference rusher, and historical depth at receiver how does this make the conference down?????? Auburn was going to be better with that good hire and the recruit ranking. Alabama was going to be bout as good. aTm was going to be bout as good. etc. etc. etc., You can’t say that a lower ranked 2012 team in the SEC like TN or MissS. losing to Oregon is a sign the conference is down. The best case you can make for the SEC being slightly down is the way the ACC looks, and the eye test should be telling people that the top teams in the ACC just have excellent skills and teams like this will win, upset, or at least look competitive. This does not mean the SEC is down either. WHEN THE BOWL GAMES ARE PLAYED AND THE CONFERENCE RANK OF EACH MATCH-UP IS COMPARED, THEN WE WILL KNOW SOMETHING, right now we don’t even know how any conference is going to shake out, much less if the whole conference is up or down. My best guess is that the SEC will still go about 75% victorious in bowl games. Bout every other conference will go 50%

    • all the bowl victories combined have always been a better indicator of over-all conference strength than the AP voted make believe NC game, next best indicator would be regular season match ups where for example a #2 from the SEC met a #2 from the Big 12.

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