SEC Report Episode #22 – SECCG Recap, Nick Saban rumors and more


On the latest podcast episode, we discuss the SEC Championship, Auburn’s conference title, Nick Saban rumors and take a quick look at some of the bowl games ahead.

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  • The game might be mysterious to you guys because you didn’t actually watch as much Missouri football this year as needed. The scheme for Missouri for many years has been give up yards passing and running then to hold at the field goal line or the goal line. Why does Pinkel do this? ans. personnel. example: They needed two Wilson’s instead of one and they needed two Wilson;s who were versatile enough to play more Georgia’s 2012 All-American. They have to gang tackle to stop physical backs. Against a team that can throw you cannot bring your entire secondary to the perceived point of attack to gang tackle. Also, if you watched Auburn the whole year, you will notice that they did a much better job of hiding the point of attack against Missouri than in any previous game. Missouri’s pass defense has never been flawless during the Pinkel years. They made real progress this year but look at their league ranking !!!!! Missouri knew that Auburn was going to cheat by holding the jerseys at the collar bone on every play, because any blind man could see it on film of any Auburn game. The SEC knew they were going to assign refs to the game that considered this just an unwritten rule that should be observed. The 3 man line was a great strategy to keep the Auburn’s blockers from getting the opponents jerseys in their fists. Missouri didn’t need to put more players on the line they needed to move their linebackers up one-step…all 5-6 2nd tier defenders. They might have given up more passing yards but they could have cut the yard rushing allowed in half, and this would have won the game by 2-3 scores for two reasons. 1. Missouri was scoring as fast or faster than Auburn. 2. Missouri would have had the ball a lot longer/scored more because Auburn wouldn’t have used as much clock. 3. Missouri interception statistics were wasted by not making Auburn throw more, this would have also turned the game.
    Now Auburn deserves some credit for legal blocking as well, but they have hitched their game to a star that might draw flags in the NCG, if so they are going to need to score 60 points because 30 of them are going to get called back. So I hope the SEC refs didn’t screw the SEC by letting a team win that has to hold so much to be successful. Missouri’s 2013 D-line was great because of mobility. In Missouri’s national championship game we would have seen them moving both toward the quarterback and laterally because no one would have been holding their shirts. To defend Auburn I would say that Auburn’s backs were as good as Missouri’s backs and that was a shock to Missouri’s and Auburn’s secondary. Both Missouri and Auburn gashed each other at times. High fives to all the backs backs in the game for acceleration, changing direction, and especially Auburn’s for running thru tackles.
    Next year Missouri will have better linebackers and secondary because it is so clear that this is the next step they need to take. They have some outstanding 2013 red-shirts like Biesel, and my personal choice would be to move their state champion wrestler quarterback Hosick to linebacker, oh my gosh, it should be illegal to be that size and have that kind of mobility, but more importantly timing, even better his eyes/reading the game are computer like.

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