SEC Report Episode #8 – Alabama vs Ole Miss Preview


Alabama and Ole Miss go head to head in an important SEC West showdown in Tuscaloosa on Saturday. We host a roundtable discussion to talk about the matchup and to ask whether or not Ole Miss can pull the upset.

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You can listen to the Alabama vs Ole Miss Preview below:

Round Table Participants:

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  • the scheduling deal was a result of expansion not some master plan…several teams were affected

  • Did one of these guys really just say that Nkemdiche is undersized for a defensive lineman?? Since when is a 6’5″ 297 pound defensive end undersized?? Inexperienced? Yes. Undersized? Do a little research before you speak. Oh, and he runs a 4.5 forty. Is that too slow as well??

  • A better Bama team didn’t dominate a worse Ole Miss team last year…why are they expecting Bama to whip Ole Miss Saturday? Not saying it won’t happen, but Bama hasn’t shown anything to indicate that they’ll dominate the game.

    Ole Miss’ receivers ARE better than TAMU’s. TAMU has Evans, and he’s dang good. Ole Miss has Moncrief, Sanders, and Treadwell, all of whom are both deep threats and legitimate threats to gain good yardage on the WR screen, which Freeze loves to call.

    Give Wallace some credit, guys. No picks yet on the year in 80+ attempts. To say that he’s too much of a risk-taker is a bit of stretch, based on what we’ve seen so far.

    In what way is R. Nkemdiche undersized? What size are you looking for in a DE that makes 6-4, 295 undersized?

    I think Bama wins a fairly tight one. 30-24 Tide.

  • I love being the underdog…It makes for such entertaining “eating crow” on the next episodes…Robert Nkemdiche undersized and slow…Bahahahahahah! what an idiot

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