2013 SEC spring football attendance


Once again, the state of Alabama is revved up for another showcase season in the SEC. The state of Alabama has won the last four national championships, and fans came out in full force for both Auburn and Alabama on Saturday.

The Tigers paced the SEC with 83,401 people proudly ushering in the Gus Malzahn era, and then nearly every single person headed over to Toomer’s Corner for the final rolling. The optimism is a welcomed site for the Auburn athletic department.

And how about Kentucky having over 50,000 people attend the Blue and White Game? Mark Stoops has the Wildcats’ fan base charged and ready to pursue a bowl game in just his first year.

Florida held “an open practice” with a controlled scrimmage, and numbers were estimated around 10,000. Obviously, the format hurt attendance numbers drastically. Last year the Gators had more than 38,000.

Team Attendance
Auburn 83,401
Alabama 78,315
Tennessee 61,706
Arkansas 51,088
Kentucky 50,831
Texas A&M 45,212
Georgia 45,113
S. Carolina 35,218
LSU 28,000
Ole Miss 28,000
Miss State 21,000
Missouri 18,384
Vanderbilt 14,000
Florida 10,000

Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports



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  • 4 outta top 5 have new coaches…lotta excitement there till they go out and lay an egg. I say 3 outta 4 wont last 4 years. Not trying to be pessimistic but it’s just the nature of the beast. As for Bama they were prolly just trying to outdo auburn as usual.

    • Alabama doesn’t have to do anything to top *U, Bama was putting up huge numbers for A-Day before *U ! Remember Bama was the first one to have a full house for the spring game! Bama wins the BCS title in 09 and *U had to match it in 10, now Bama has won two more in a row and three out of four, if ANYONE is trying to outdo anyone it’s *U and the rest of the conference who are trying to catch and stop Nick Saban and Alabama.

      • Here’s what I think about BAMMERS and their stank attitude about Auburn’s A-Day turnout. I was there in person, I rolled the trees alongside 80,000+ of my closest friends. Auburn fans have never/will never care what Bama is/has done…it is irrelevant to us.

        Most bama fans have never been to turdscaloosa let alone an actual game. They say the only tradition that matters in winning. Know why? Because that’s all they have. And most of that tradition is made up, along with more than half of their nc titles. They envy what we have. We have true pride. A true family. They copied Tiger Walk. They stole “A Day” from us. They have no Toomer’s. They have no eagle to fly around the stadium. They have no creed. That is why they envy us. That is why one tried to take our trees away. But they can’t break us. They only unite us more. We will always be more special than they are. We don’t just have winning(even though we have done our fair share), we have history, tradition and family. Ever to conquer, never to yield. They may take our trees, but they’ll never take our spirit… WAR EAGLE!!!

        • Well said my friend … You got me fired up and I’m Dawg till death! And spot on with the point about a lot of their fans. UGA and bama aren’t even rivals and I grow tired of hearing that crap on every article too.

        • Spoken like a true 5th place loser. Your family and non-winning tradition along with $1.50 will get you a cup of coffee. We don’t try to break your spirit, we watch you yahoos do it to yourseleves. You losers can’t stay off probation or off the hot seat. Maybe now that you have a good coach he will turn the criminals there into men and do something. Never to conquer-ever to yield is more like it. As the old saying goes-you yahoos couldn’t pour poss out of a boot with the instructions on the heel!!

        • To JPDawgFan1, what has Bama done to Georgia and its fans? The classiest team that Bama ever plays is Georgia. Always, always a great game. Georgia fans are not a-holes. They are at the top of the classiest fans. There are not fights and deaths at Bulldog and Bama games. No fighting for the most part. Just hard hitting, great football. To read your post a person would think the fans are jerks. They are far from that. Don’t stoop to the level of an Auburn fan and have hate in your heart. You may not like what you become. Look at what TSmith0917 wrote. A losers creed if ever I read one. He can’t defend his sports record so he starts with everything but that. Just like the yahoos who start with “we graduate more than you do” when the subject is sports. Jow many of those graduates have given them NC titles? Every school has great alums. If I were to list people who grauatedd from Bama and went on to greatness I would have a very long list. Just like Georgia and Auburn so that is a moot point when talking about sports. As a matter of fact two of my all time favorite players is David Green and Bo Jackson. So keep it real and don’t be a Auburn whinner. ROLL TIDE!!!

        • Tide64 I don’t classify every Bama fan in that category at all…not do I any other fan base …but there are a lot of posts that are just arrogant Claims that nothing matters but winning Titles. I mean we get it …Bama has won 3 outta four and has established the best program in the nation in recent years. But other schools have awesome traditions and have enjoyed success of their own. I don’t have a dawg in the Auburn/Bama fight at all but can appreciate the points made above and the passion in which he describes them. Nothing more to it.

        • In fact I will and have given props to many Bama fans who made solid points and did something other than call people “whiners” or “haters” and gloat over and over and over again about all their championships and yell Roll Tide.

    • Out do Auburn? You must be high on drugs. What the hell does Bama have to out do Burn in, a spring game? Dude, you make very little sense with such dumb comments. Maybe you should stay on the Bulldog bandwagon and help bring their attendance up. 45 K for UGA. It doesn’t mean a hill of beans. Do you not have anything better to whine about than a spring game? You should change the team you support. Most everyone of your posts are pro burn. Do you not realize how awful the games between burn and Georgia are? Every burn fan wants to slaughter Bama and Bulldog fan on earth. Silly human!!.

      • Wow dude are you bipolar or what? So you’re saying Bama and auburn Don’t always try to one-up each other? I mean I thought that’s what great rivalries are all about. No shame in it so calm the f down!

        • And For the record I was one of the 45k there and have been a Dawgfan since birth so you can keep that bandwagon garbage for all ya Bama “faithful” that were sporting Tennessee/Florida and yes even UGA gear till Saban came to town. And when did I “whine” about spring game attendance anyways? Do you actually read the posts or just rant about them? My point was that 4 of those teams have new coaches…hence the excitement. But leave it to self centered Bama fans to think everyone is always “hatin” on them.

    • Your either a troll or an idiot, but since Saban has been at Alabama they have averaged over 80k in attendance at the A-Day game.

      • Hmmm I’m an idiot I guess because I do not see why yall get so angry about me referencing the auburn/bama rivary in jest. And I usually at least attempt to make points in my posts instead of just calling names and gloating, so Who’s the troll?

  • Haha Florida had 10k…what a joke of a university. hey at least that is a bigger number than they take to bowl games.

    • I am a Dawg fan in Jacksonville Fl. I go to 3 to 4 home games a year, UGA/FL, and went to the SECCG the past two years, and usually go to the bowl game. I say that to say this…when a Florida fan wants to talk Sh*t to me here in Jax Fl. I ask them if they went to the Gator bowl game 2 years ago against OSU – there answer is NO…Then I ask if they have been to a UF home game…there answer is no. Then my reply is – when you become a true FAN then attempt a conversation with me. True gator fans here in Jax are not bad…its the “new age” gaytors that I love sending walking away from me with their “tails” between there legs….10k does not surprise me at all. Amazing how such a great fan base has decreased in such a quick time frame. I remember stories from true gator fans of the 1979 season when they were 0-10-1. Ben Hill would be completely full..now they have trouble filling the stadium for a big SEC game.

      • “Amazing how such a great fan base has decreased in such a quick time frame. I remember stories from true gator fans of the 1979 season when they were 0-10-1. Ben Hill would be completely full..now they have trouble filling the stadium for a big SEC game.”

        If you’re inferring that Florida’s attendance has been decreasing since 1979, you might want to do some research first. According to UF’s Football Media Guide, Florida’s attendance actually increased from 85,185 in 1994 to a record high of 90,635 in 2009. (By the way, the capacity is only 88,548.) See http://www.gatorzone.com/football/media/2012/media_guide.pdf (page 121).

        Yes, attendance did decrease yearly from 90,635 in 2009 to 87,597 in 2012. See http://www.ncaa.org/wps/wcm/connect/public/ncaa/pdfs/2013/2012+national+college+football+attendance

        Although part of the decreased attendance can be attributed to the exodus of Urban, Tebow, and other stars from the national championship squad, national attendance as a whole has actually decreased. In fact, UF’s attendance still remained in the top 10 nationally for the 7th consecutive year in a row (the NCAA does not have any individual school records prior to 2005).

        Considering how UF’s Media Guide lists no attendance prior to 1994 in their “Florida Field Best Seasonal Attendance Average Chart”, I find it hard to assume that 87,597 in 2012 dwarfed in comparison to 1979.

        As for the spring game attendance, the article mentioned that it was an “open practice” and not an actual game. Do you mean to tell me that 10,000+ Georgia fans are showing up at their practices?

        Oh, but I guess I’m just one of those “new age” gaytors (How original by the way! You do realize that Ryan Seacrest is one of your biggest alums, right?)

        Maybe those Gator fans you talked to decided to stay home and laugh at Georgia lose the Outback Bowl that day. Just a guess

        Since I’m so “new age”, hopefully you can answer this question for me. “The last time Georgia won a National Championship, was that before or after Pres. Reagan freed the hostages in Iran?”

        • Seacrest is the best you can do? Damn human, so many, many more alums from Fla are way better to have than a tv person who does nothing but host shows. Get real.

      • The 10k attendance for Florida was because the Gators announced the spring game would not be a usual spring “game” due to injuries. The formmat was changed to not much more than a typical practice.

        • That is all any sprong game is, scrimmage between the team. That is horrible for Florida. All it tells me is there are thousands of bandwagon jumpers supporting them. A R E A L Gator fan is there no matter what. 10,000??? Sad, sad!!

      • 10 because maybe they didn’t have a game and it was an open practice to the pubic? I’m a true Gator fan. However, I love SEC football the most. I don’t ask about prior games…Anyone can go back and ask about any games. EXAMPLE – I’ve been to alot of FL/GA games since 1990…..Do we really wanna talk about who won what and how many??I could but its pointless.

  • It’s not surprising that Auburn had such a large turnout. I’m sure it was nice for Tiger fans to see them actually win a game, even if it was against themselves…All kidding aside, it sounds like the final rolling at Toomer’s Corner was quite an event.

  • Is Will Muschamp losing the Florida fan base? Are you people out of your mind. We’re talking about practice, man. All kidding aside, Muschamp’s Gators are semi-boring to watch, but as long as they keep putting up Ws, no one will be a problem with anything.

    • “You wanna talk about practice?” Haha nice! That is dumb…nothing that happens in spring really means much game or no game. I just like seeing the new pups in action and being on campus when it isn’t so crowded. Them gators will be there on game day no doubt…You can’t stop the Jorts you can only hope to contain them!

    • We are talking about practice thats just it. We didn’t even have a game this year.

  • Hey Look!!!….Auburn won something!

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