Which SEC teams have the highest attendance in 2013?


Attendance across college football is down, and it’s continuing to be a reoccurring theme around the game, causing stadiums to enhance their in-game experience to keep butts in seats.

Thankfully, we know the real reason why this is happening.

Specifically, the SEC averaged 75,444 fans per game in 2012, and that number is up to 75,763 in 2013 – not by much, but it’s up.

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Through six weeks, stadiums are over 96 percent capacity in 2013. Texas A&M is busting at the seams with 105% capacity, while Missouri is filling just 86% capacity. Georgia, Texas A&M, South Carolina, Ole Miss and Mississippi State are all averaging 100% capacity.

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No surprise that Alabama and Tennessee have the highest average attendance, seeing they have the two largest stadium capacities.

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Here’s the attendance through six weeks, via NCAA.com:

Rank Team Accum Att. Avg Att. Stadium Cap. % Capacity Games
1 Alabama 304,896 101,632 101,821 99.81 3
2 Tennessee 373,673 93,418 102,459 91.18 4
3 Georgia 278,238 92,746 92,746 100 3
4 LSU 271,788 90,596 92,400 98.05 3
5 Florida 263,721 87,907 88,548 99.28 3
6 Texas A&M 347,624 86,906 82,589 105.23 4
7 Auburn 340,662 85,166 87,451 97.39 4
8 South Carolina 245,256 81,752 80,250 101.87 3
9 Arkansas 205,481 68,494 72,000 95.13 3
10 Ole Miss 60,815 60,815 60,580 100.39 1
11 Kentucky 182,367 60,789 67,606 89.92 3
12 Missouri 177,291 59,097 68,349 86.46 3
13 Mississippi St. 167,294 55,765 55,082 101.24 3
14 Vanderbilt 142,871 35,718 40,330 88.56 4

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  • I wouldn’t cite your own article by saying “Thankfully, we know the real reason why this is happening.”
    More likely than not it has nothing at all to do with HD Television as so many responded in the other article. More likely it is the economy and lack of available funds to take families to games.
    Just thought I’d throw that out there.

    • While I’ll agree some of it has to do with the economy, the premier games enjoyed from your living room couch with your best friends and family is hard to beat. In fact, I know plenty of people who have money, but they have neglected going to games based on pure enhanced HD TV.

  • To be fair to Missouri, we went through two weeks of record highs in the 100s and then a cold/rainy game for our first 3 home games. Add in that we played teams that no one really cared about and attendance was bound to be low. Now that the team is playing well and in-conference games have started, you’ll see a jump.

    • That is the very definition of a fair-weather fan.

    • While it was hot for both contest against Murray St. and Toledo, and raining for Arkansas State it shouldn’t be an excuse. We have a fair weather fan base after the first 45,000 at the stadium. Yes we will see a jump because Missouri fans are less interested in watching the Tigers but complaining about the competition that they play.

      • I was at the UGA vs North TX game. It was POURING!!! I mean really coming a flood. The stands had huge water puddles every where while it was still raining. Nobody left at all. We grabbed our ponchos and stayed until the end.

  • Unfortunately it’s just too expensive for the “Average Joe” to attend a college game these days. You can’t get tickets through the University, so you have to go through brokers like Stub Hub and others to buy a ticket at easily 5 to 10 times the original price. I took my kids to one no-name game last year in not-so-great seats and it was almost $300. I realize people want to make money selling their seats, but can’t there be a cap, or is this another area that only serves to the 1%.

    • I have to agree with you completely. Ticket prices are getting prohibitive for many average Joes like myself. I used to be able to swing $35 for a ticket from the school, but these days with so many people going to the secondary market the prices get out of hand.

    • Ticket brokers are certainly hurting the ability to go to games.

      • Two thoughts:
        1 – I have lived out West for the last 3 years and this certainly IS NOT the case out here. I can go see Wyoming, Colorado St, or Air Force go play for less than $30 a ticket, and their stadiums are small enough that there aren’t many bad seats. If they are having trouble meeting their historical seating numbers, it has nothing to do with ticket prices.
        2 – For every SEC game I have been to in the last decade I bought my tickets outside the stadium less than 30 min before kickoff, and I have never paid more than $15 over face value. It’s been a few years, so is this not the case anymore? Tickets are always gouged way over their value 2 weeks before an event.

        • 1 — Yes, teams such as Wyoming, Colorado St, and Air Force might be suffering low attendance due to fans just not caring, not because of ticket prices.
          2 — If you have never paid more than $15 over face value 30 minutes before kickoff going to SEC games in the last decade, you’ve either been attending games nobody cares about or you’re the luckiest man alive.

        • Bought 2 tickets to the UT-USC game a few years back in TN for $30 total. The girl was a student there and, like a lot of 20 year olds, would rather just hang out at the tailgate. It always depends on who is selling them.

        • Jbass, I agree it depends on who is selling them, but everyone has a story when they luck into a good ticket for next to nothing. My point with this guy was that never paying $15 over face value for the past 10 years, 30 minutes before kickoff just isn’t realistic, unless (again) you never go see marquee matchups.

    • It also depends on who you’re going to see. It’s fairly cheap to go to an Auburn game. But i’ve been to bama games and it’s outrageous. But it’s expected with the success they have had over the past few years.

      • Last four games I went to were in the 2007-2010 time frame. They were all conference games in Knoxville, Oxford, and Starkville (so yes, I have no recent experience with trying to watch a top 5 team play at home). Again, never paid more than $15 over face. Perhaps this has changed in the last few years, but I have a suspicion people are letting themselves get gouged by using stuhub & craigslist.

  • Seeing these stats reinforces how bad our schedule sucked. We’ve had one home game while everyone else has had at least 3, if not 4 home games. It will be nice to be back in our stadium for some games.

  • Are these figures people that actually went to the game, or number of tickets sold?

  • The statistic on Arkansas is not valid. It does not take into consideration that the Razorbacks have played one of their games at Little Rock’s War Memorial Stadium. The capacity of that stadium is around 53,000…almost twenty thousand less than Razorback Stadium in Fayetteville.

  • Shouldn’t the teams be ranked by percent capacity?

  • % capacity for sure is the proper index…..Let’s see now….who has the best %….Yes, its those Fightin Texas Aggies!….

    Would also like to see some historical data going a few years back. Its easy to fill the stadiums in the good years. Great fans are there during the crap years also.

  • No surprise that Texas A&M has the highest percentage capacity with the Alabama game being one of the most hyped in college football history or at least the BCS era. I’m really impressed with South Carolina coming in at 2nd though with mediocre home games of UNC, Vandy, and Kentucky. UNC is the only real opponent of interest and only because of the name not because of the team. Way to go Gamecock Fans!

  • Clearly we are not fair weather fans at Mississippi State. Win or lose we love our DAWGS. We fill our stadiums and sell out every game. Our rating is 101,24. Only 2 schools are higher and that is Texas A&M and South Carolina by a hair. Our percentage is higher than Alabama and Georgia etc… We are loyal to our team and university. It is about more than winning. Also, we are undergoing a stadium expansion and just built a new football complex. I am very proud of my DAWGS. #hailstate

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