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SEC teams’ bowl game performance during BCS era

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CollegeSpun did an interesting data study about college football and teams’ bowl game point differential. CS ranked all of college football, and you’ll never guess who’s last in the country. You can read it here.

Interestingly, Georgia has the best point differential in college football at +125, and they’re the only team in the top four of the SEC not to have won a championship. Two other teams have won a title outside the top four — Auburn and Tennessee. Georgia also leads the SEC with 11 bowl wins.

Texas A&M, on the contrary, has performed the worst in bowl games at -92 point differential. Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky all have been outscored in bowl games.

Rank School W L Win % Pts. F Pts. A +/-
1 Georgia 11 4 73.33% 456 331 125
2 LSU 8 5 61.54% 380 260 120
12 Alabama 7 5 58.33% 311 247 64
13 Florida 8 7 53.33% 464 400 64
14 Mississippi 7 1 87.50% 264 201 63
27 Auburn 8 3 72.73% 248 219 29
31 Missouri 5 4 55.56% 270 244 26
38 Mississippi St. 5 2 71.43% 176 154 22
52 Vanderbilt 2 1 66.67% 78 69 9
58 South Carolina 5 4 55.56% 227 227 0
78 Kentucky 3 4 42.86% 138 161 -23
87 Tennessee 5 6 45.45% 237 267 -30
93 Arkansas 4 7 36.36% 212 254 -42
117 Texas A&M 3 8 27.27% 235 327 -92

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Comments 9

  1. Jon, can you add a stat that shows whether they played an equally ranked opponent in the bowl or did they play a mis-match. Because we all know the bowl invitations haven’t been following the rankings. Now adjust for that and rank them by records and you have something. Before adjusting for that this ranking is less diagnostic. Anyway thanks for pointing out that Missouri has a good bowl appearance record.

    • That could hurt Bama as they played ND last year.

      • He said to adjust the stats for rankings. That would actually help Alabama, as Notre Dame was ranked #1 at the time.

        • I was taking a shot at how over ranked ND was. Anyway, a #5 team doesn’t usually play a #20 team in the Bowls. They are usually evenly matched, except for Bama vs ND and Georgia vs Hawaii. Having an added equation like where they were ranked wouldn’t be fair because I think everyone including ND fans know they were not deserving of a #1 ranking. The real NC game happened at the SEC game, I’m not saying that because I’m a Georgia fan. I’m saying that because that was a game. Either one of those teams could have beat ND.

        • no actually the bowl games are not evenly matched at all

  2. Your article states this is during the BCS era which in that case Tennessee has also won a title outside of the top four. It was the first BCS title but hey we have to hold on to something as bad as we have been the past 7 years haha!

  3. How much am I loving that Notre Dame is at the bottom of this list? Hellabunch, thank you very much!

  4. Another interesting point about Georgia and Bowl games, they haven’t been beaten badly in a Bowl game since 1977……