The SEC’s top punt returners


In the coming series, SDS will take a look at the SEC’s most productive returners over the next few weeks broken down by position. Next up are the punt returners.

All positions:

Punt returns are one of the most incredible facet of any football game, and punt return touchdowns ignite the home crowd or hush the away fans.

One of the biggest punt returns in 2012 was Ace Sanders’ return against Georgia, when the Gamecocks totally took it out of the Bulldogs in the first quarter.

Missouri’s Marcus Murphy returns as the leading punt returner in the SEC. Not only did he register the most yardage, but he also led all returners with three scores. LSU’s Odell Beckham is second.

This is not a ranking, and it’s based on punt return yards:

1. Marcus Murphy, Missouri
2012 stats: 27 returns for 374 yards and three touchdowns

2. Odell Beckham, LSU
2012 stats: 35 returns for 320 yards and two touchdowns

3. Jonathan Krause, Vanderbilt
2012 stats: 25 returns for 281 yards and two touchdowns

4. Christion Jones, Alabama
2012 stats: 21 returns for 213 yards

5. Devrin Young, Tennessee
2012 stats: 16 returns for 155 yards

All stats based on

Photo Credit: Dak Dillon-USA TODAY Sports



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