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The SEC vs. other BCS conferences in 2013

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Every SEC team plays at least one BCS conference program in 2013. All total, the conference plays 18 BCS teams of 56 total non-conference games.

SDS ranked the SEC’s non-conference schedules, and South Carolina plays the toughest in 2013, followed closely by Florida. Vanderbilt, Alabama and Auburn bring up the rear.

Certain pivotal matchups will garner national attention that will challenge SEC supremacy. Games like Florida-Miami, Georgia-Clemson, South Carolina-Clemson and Florida-FSU are sexy SEC-ACC pairings, while Mississippi State’s clash with Oklahoma State and Ole Miss’ with Texas perks interest.

Here are all SEC vs. BCS conference games in 2013:

Aug. 31 – vs. Virginia Tech (ACC)

Sept. 21 – at Rutgers (AAC)

Aug. 31 – Washington State (Pac-12)

Sept. 9 – at Miami (ACC)
Nov. 30 – Florida State (ACC)

Aug. 31 – at Clemson (ACC)
Nov. 30 – Georgia Tech (ACC)

Sept. 14 – Louisville (AAC)

Aug. 31 – vs. TCU (Big 12)

Mississippi State
Aug. 31 – vs. Oklahoma State (Big 12)

Sept. 21 – at Indiana (Big Ten)

Ole Miss
Sept. 14 – at Texas (Big 12)

South Carolina
Aug. 29 – North Carolina (ACC)
Sept. 28 – at UCF (AAC)
Nov. 30 – Clemson (ACC)

Sept. 14 – at Oregon (Pac-12)

Texas A&M
Sept. 21 – SMU (AAC)

Nov. 30 – Wake Forest (ACC)

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Comments 3

  1. The SEC should win at least 13 of these.

  2. Other than UGA, UF and SCAR, it is looking kinda weak for the o-o-c scheduling. Most only have one o-o-c game vs a big-name school. Pathetic on the part of A&M, Vandy and Mizzou. C’mon man!

    • With regard to A&M and Mizzou, remember that we’re still dealing with the conference switch when it comes to scheduling. As for A&M, (most of us) would love to play t.u., but that is a no-go until the schedule makers down in Austin get over their egos. I’m sure Mizzou would like to play KU too (though that would probably be a step down from Indiana).