SEC vs. BCS conferences and independents in 2012


The SEC finished 13-9 against other BCS conferences and 1-0 against Independent Notre Dame in 2012. It wasn’t complete domination, but it was a 61 percent winning clip. We can safely say the SEC dominated the Independents though.

Only the Big East had a winning record against the SEC at a 4-1 clip. Louisville and Northwestern were the SEC killers in 2012, as both teams were 2-0 against the big boys.

Here’s how the SEC stacked up against the other BCS conferences:

ACC (6-2)

  • Clemson 26, Auburn 19 (L)
  • Florida 37, FSU 26 (W)
  • Georgia 42, Georgia Tech 10 (W)
  • Clemson 25, LSU 24 (L)
  • South Carolina 27, Clemson 17 (W)
  • Tennessee 35, NC State 21 (W)
  • Vanderbilt 55, Wake Forest 21 (W)
  • Vanderbilt 38, NC State 24 (W)

Big 12 (1-1)

  • Texas 66, Ole Miss 31 (L)
  • Texas A&M 41, Oklahoma 13 (W)

Big East (1-4)

  • Rutgers 35, Arkansas 26 (L)
  • Louisville 33, Florida 23 (L)
  • Louisville 32, Kentucky 14 (L)
  • Ole Miss 38, Pittsburgh 17 (W)
  • Syracuse 31, Missouri 27

Big Ten (3-2)

  • Alabama 41, Michigan 14 (W)
  • Georgia 45, Nebraska 31 (W)
  • Northwestern 34, Miss State 20 (L)
  • South Carolina 33, Michigan 28 (W)
  • Northwestern 23, Vanderbilt 13 (L)

Independent (1-0)

  • Alabama 42, Notre Dame 14 (W)

Pac-12 (2-0)

  • LSU 41, Washington 3 (W)
  • Missouri 24, Arizona State 20 (W)
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  • Interesting to note how little the top teams in the SEC stepped outside of the conference to play a BCS conference school unless it was a rivalry or bowl game. And yet without this test, we are repeatedly told that the SEC is the most dominant conference in college football.

    Florida is the perfect example. Other than Florida State, a rival game, they were tested out of conference against Bowling Green, LA-Lafeyette and Jacksonville State. Yet there was serious discussion about including them in the national title game.

    When LSU stepped out of the conference, they struggled to beat Townson yet there they are comfortably sitting at No. 8 in the rankings.

    Credit Vanderbilt for playing outside of the conference three times. Take them out of the equation and you’re down to 58%. Still better than half but then again, how many bowl games did the SEC play down in ranking?

    At some point the SEC is going to have to play outside of the conference in order to justify their credibility. However, as one of the top SEC coaches pointed out scheduling top BCS schools would mean they would lose games and it is all about putting together winning seasons.

    • I tend to agree with you that I would like the SEC to step outside its comfort zone and schedule more top-tier non-conference games. But the reality is during the golden age of the SEC, they don’t have to right now. LSU also donkey stomped Washington who beat Stanford. So, to agree with you – the SEC at some point may have to step outside and play top non-conference games, but that time is not right now with 7 straight championships.

    • “………..At some point the SEC is going to have to play outside of the conference in order to justify their credibility……….”
      Let’s see: The SEC has won TWENTY-FIVE (25) OOC games against teams that went on to finish ranked in the final polls in just the last three seasons. What exactly does the conference have to justify? It’s easy to take strawman arguments (like you did with the LSU-Townson game) and leave out the part where LSU took apart Washington….a Pac-Twelve team with a winning record in conference. Why don’t you check out how well the Pac-Twelve did in OOC games? Or maybe the result of the Arizona St. (5-4 in Pac-Twelve play) vs. Missouri game (2-6 in SEC play) last September is too embarrassing for you.
      Why do I bring up the Pac-Twelve? Because their fans are the ONLY ones that continually bring up the OOC schedules of the SEC. Perhaps if the boosters of the Pac-Twelve programs would spend more time demanding better from their football teams and spend less time worrying about the SEC then maybe….just maybe, someone from that conference will win a BCS title. Until then……………………………we’re waiting.

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