Alabama opens as early favorite against Texas A&M, other SEC week three lines


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The biggest game in college football – so far – takes place Saturday between Alabama and Texas A&M, and the Tide opened up 7.5 point favorites on the road.

The Tide are looking forward to the biggest revenge game in 2013.

Here are some early week three lines, via

  • Alabama (-7.5) at Texas A&M
  • Louisville (-13) at Kentucky (Opened Louisville -11.5)
  • Tennessee at Oregon (-26)
  • Ole Miss at Texas (-4.5)
  • Mississippi State at Auburn (-5.5)
  • Southern Miss at Arkansas (-23)
  • Vanderbilt at South Carolina (-14)
  • Kent State at LSU (-35.5)

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  • Texas just gave up a ton of yards rushing to BYU and lost. Ole Miss will Steam Roll them. Go Gamecocks.

  • While I think Bama will win…I am a little surprised that the line is 7.5 on the road.

  • Also suprised at the Carolina/Vandy line considering how close that game was last season

  • Is anyone else a HUGE Wildcat fan this week?

  • Well, let’s see……this will be by far Georgia’s best week on defense. Yes, that is correct….Georgia not playing this week is the reason the defensive stats will be so good. All kidding aside, after Georgia’s defense has given up close to a 1000 yards in their first two games, a bye week couldn’t come at a better time so the Georgia coaching staff can address some obvious soft spots on the defensive side of the ball. However, a win is a win.

    Dana White from the UFC called and wanted to know if he could schedule the South Carolina coaching staff in the Octagon for what appears to be some unfinished business. The Ole Ball Coach just proved once again though, that he knows everything going on, on his sideline………………….NOT! What a moment in the post-game press conference when the reporter asked Spurrier about the coaches fighting during the game, and it was obvious he didn’t know anything about it. Speaking of South Carolina, oh did they have the chances against Georgia on Saturday, but they just didn’t cash any of them in. Who knows, maybe this will be the year the Gamecocks win the East after losing the Georgia matchup. That’s exactly what Georgia has done two of the last three seasons. We shall see. And Mike Davis….this kid is now officially in the stud category after his second consecutive 100 yard rushing game to start the season. And yes, Georgia’s Gurley looks as though he is going to be unstoppable this year. It is hoped that Georgia’s lack of defense doesn’t keep Gurley from winning the Heisman…he keeps this up and he would be well deserving. And how bout them Gators….man, did you guys stink it up Saturday, almost as bad as those Gamecock coaches fighting on the sidelines…yeah, almost.

    The obvious game of the week will be the Alabama Texas A&M game, and I’ll have to side with Alabama after watching A&M give up a lot of points in their first 2 games. Don’t know if South Carolina is 14 better than Vandy, especially after Vandy has played the Gamecocks pretty close the last couple of years. If Texas plays uninspired football again this week, Ole Miss will beat them straight up, not worrying about the line. Tenn Oregon game should be over early.

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